6 Home Remedies To Stop Dog Shedding Naturally And Easily!

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We have noticed a drastic increase in the number of people that we see reaching out and asking for advice on various home remedies to stop dog shedding so we have decided to dedicate today’s article to the subject to try and help as many of our readers as possible. Although it is one hundred percent natural for your dog to shed due to a naturally occurring hormone in its blood, there are some health conditions and dietary requirements that can cause excessive shedding in your dog that can usually be treated at home with totally natural substances.

On the flip side of this though, there are some excellent vitamins for dog shedding that you are able to use to supplement your dog’s diet if possible that tent to have a much better result in a shorter time period than using the suggestions below. On top of this, there are very few studies to actually back up each of the methods below and their direct result on your dogs shedding but everything that we will be suggesting to our readers is based on multiple reports from dog owners all over the world who have tried and tested each of the methods.

On top of this, depending on the actual condition that is causing your dog to shed, some methods may work better than others while some may not work at all and some may require a trip to your local veterinarian for a prescription-strength treatment. That said though, let’s get into our list to see if any of our readers are able to implement any of these suggestions into their dogs routine to help get their dogs shedding under control as quickly as possible.

How To Stop A Dog From Shedding Using Olive Oil

We had to kick our list off with using olive oil to help treat your dogs shedding as it is without a doubt one of the most commonly used, natural, home remedies for dog shedding around. It is extremely popular and probably has the largest number of dog owners using it with their dogs out of all of the treatments on our list. Olive oil can help improve your dogs shedding situation due to having a ton of essential Omega oils that can help moisturize and nourish your dogs skin and coat naturally and help treat some naturally occurring, common issues with dogs that may cause shedding.

Although a large number of dog owners do use regular olive oil and supplement small amounts with their dog’s meals to easily add it to their dog’s diet. Although this can be effective, there are a number of commercial oil-based supplements for dogs that have been specifically tweaked with various oils in optimal amounts to help deliver the best break down of both Omega 3 and Omega 6 to help offer the quickest results possible.

In our opinion, picking up one of the commercial supplements that have been specifically designed for treating shedding issues in dogs is one of the best dog shedding hacks available. Our recommended oil-based supplement has proven to be very popular amongst dog owners and has managed to earn a great reputation while also having a large number of excellent reviews from the dog-owning community since its release.

One top of helping with your dog’s shedding, these oil-based treatments are able to also help deal with other common issues in a dog’s coat such as dry skin, hot spots, skin bumps, a dull coat, various allergies, as well as some digestive issues. Although regular olive oil can offer some of these benefits, especially when it comes to helping with shedding, a tweaked supplement will almost always be quick and provide better results due to offering a more balanced nutritional profile to help deal with the conditions.

Using Fish Oil For Dog Shedding

Next up we have fish oil and just like the olive oil that we covered above, fish oil works on almost identical principals by boosting your dogs Omega 3 and Omega 6 essential fatty acid intake in its diet to help ensure that it is getting everything that it needs for a healthy skin and coat. When it comes to fish oil we would always recommend that you get a supplement that has been specifically designed for dogs. Although a large number of fish oil supplements that have been designed for use with humans will likely be fine, there have been previous issues of some of them not being suitable for dogs.

This tends to be with the capsule based fish oil supplements that humans take for joint pain amongst other issues. Although it is not clear what causes the issue, the leading theory is that it is something in the capsule material that does not agree with most dogs digestive systems. Although this tends not to be serious issue and usually only results in digestive upset, if your dog has issues with its coat and may be suffering from irritation due to the shedding, taking a risk with additional digestive upset is not worth the risk.

The fish oil supplements that have been specifically designed for dogs also have additional flavoring added to them making dogs much more likely to eat them willingly. One of the main issues with actually getting some dogs to take fish oil supplements to help with their shedding is that they don’t seem keen on the taste of smell so the ones that have the additional dog flavorings added to them can make it much easier to consume.

In addition to this, we would recommend that any of our readers try to use Salmon oil, ideally sourced from wild Salmon due to the natural balance of Omega 3 and Omega 6 being better for your dogs health. Some fish oils such as those derived from fish such as Tilapia are much cheaper but often have a a poor balance of the essential oils and may not help at all. We would also point out then farmed Salmon can also have this same issue too so wild Salmon will almost always be your best option.

Using Brewers Yeast For Dog Shedding

Next up we have brewers yeast and again, although there are a large number of reports from other dog owners out there suggesting that using brewers yeast has helped get their dogs shedding under control, we are unaware of any in-depth studies that back up the effects of brewers yeast for dogs. That said though, it is absolutely jam-packed with various B vitamins including B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, and B9 that all have studies to back up their ability to help improve your dogs skin and coat. On top of this, brewers yeast also contains large amounts of various antioxidants to also help with any potential shedding issues.

Just like the fish oil supplements above, we would always recommend that our readers go with a brewers yeast supplement for dogs rather than regular brewers yeast. Although some people do usually use regular brewers yeast and report positive results, there are a number of different types of brewest yeast with different strengths. Our recommended doggy yeast supplement has managed to earn the largest market share out there due to its excellent results and ease of use while also having earned a ton of great reviews from other dog owners that you can read.

Using Coconut Oil To Help Deal With Dog Shedding

Next up we have coconut oil, another oil-based natural treatment for dogs shedding, and again, it is based around increasing the number of essential omega fatty acids in your dog’s diet to help its natural coat be as healthy as possible. In addition to the omega acids, coconut oil also contains linolenic acid to also help increase its effects. In addition to this, coconut oil is also known to mimic naturally occurring sebum that is the natural oils that occur to help keep your dogs skin and coat as healthy as possible.

Unlike some of the suggestions above, dogs tend to really enjoy the taste of coconut oil and although there are specialist doggy coconut oils available, the vast majority of the normal oils will be fine. Although the doggy coconut oils do have some excellent reviews there is no need to purchase one unless you don’t already have regular coconut oil in your home.

Using Vegetable Oil For Dog Shedding

Just like the other types of oils that we have covered above, vegetable oil can help naturally help with your dog’s shedding by increasing the number of essential omega 3 and 6 in your dog’s diet. That said though, any of the treatments above tend to be much more effective as vegetable oil can have a large and varied amount of omega 3 and omega 3 on it depending on the brand and how it was actually produced and made. We would only recommend this as a last resort due to results being so inconsistent with vegetable oil.

Using Essential Oils For Dog Shedding

The final natural treatment that we are wanting to cover is the use of the essential oil from primeroses. Personally though, we would not recommend that you use Primerose Oil as an oral treatment even though some dog owners do. It does have some solid fat content to help balance out the fatty acids but some reports do suggest that it may result in digestive issues when used as an oral treatment.

One of the main ways that we see dog owners using Primrose Oil to treat shedding in their dog is to use it as a topical treatment and use it directly on your dog’s coat. Many doggy shampoos contain Evening Primrose Oil due to it being so effective at moisturizing your dog’s skin and coat and potentially helping to prevent shedding. We have seen some people use just regular bottle Primrose Oil during bath time for their dogs too and reporting positive effects from the process too.