A Brief History of the Maltese Dog Breed

The maltese is a lovely little dog breed with long, silky white hair that sheds very little.
If the hair of a maltese dog is left long, it will require frequent grooming; nevertheless, many maltese owners retain short “puppy” trims on their maltese, which are also extremely adorable. The maltese dog breed is a sensitive, outgoing, affectionate, and clever canine that makes an excellent companion.

The Maltese People’s Long History

Maltese origins may be traced back thousands of years.
In fact, some believe there is solid evidence that the Maltese originated as early as 6000 BC. The Maltese have a long history that includes significant roles in ancient Egypt, classical Greece, early Rome, and European Renaissance civilizations.
Archeological finds in Egypt from 500 B.C. demonstrate that the Maltese were an important component of their society at the time.

Further discoveries indicate that the ancient Egyptians may have adored them.
In 350 B.C., Greek philosopher Aristotle wrote about the Maltese, claiming the island of Malta in the Mediterranean Sea as their formal site of birth.
Other historians believe the maltese originated in the Italian town of Melitae.
Others claim to have been born in Asia. The spitz, poodle, lhasa apso, tibetan terrier, tibetan spaniel, and pekinese dog breeds might all contribute genes to the formation of the maltese dog. The early maltese were much bigger, and they may have been utilized as rodent hunting dogs in the forests and marshlands.

Famous historic figures recorded to be owners of Maltese dog breed

Earlier maltese were not always white; some had a brown, mottled, or speckled look.
The maltese dog breed is thought to have originated in the Maltese trading industry and spread around the world as an exotic item of commerce. The maltese has long been regarded as an aristocratic dog, commonly adorning the laps of Roman emperors, Greek philosophers, and European nobility. Maltese friends included the Roman Emperor Claudius, Queen Elizabeth, Mary Queen of Scots, and Aristotle. For those who adore puppy fashion, this is a must-see pet store. Exquisite rod iron beds, beautiful pet tents (which cats also enjoy), designer bags and carriers, and the finest clothing, collars, and leads. Many have appeared in films and on major television shows. We like their silky chenille after bath towels and robes, which are ideal for pampering your favorite small pet. Chic clothing, beds, and food are also available for big dogs.

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