Let’s get to know the Great Pyrenees Dog Breed

The history of the Great Pyrenees dog breed can be found in the fact that they were originally bred to protect sheep, goats, and livestock. This is still the great pyrenees’ main charge in life to this day. Their responsibilities necessitate independence as well as devoted loyalty. They must be fierce and aggressive fighters against predators while remaining gentle with small defenseless animals.

Characteristics of the Great Pyrenees

The great pyrenees are an incredible dog breed because of their contradictory mix of innate characteristics. However, it is also this combination that makes them unsuitable pets in some situations. The great pyrenees’ protective nature and love of children make them excellent family protectors; however, their independence usually precludes any true “obedience training.” Let’s just say they’re not known for their willingness to respond when called or to obey orders in general.

They enjoy human companionship but are happiest when allowed to “work” outside by watching over children, livestock, or even small dogs. The Great Pyrenees don’t mind being “alone” in the presence of livestock, but they despise being completely alone with nothing to watch over. The great pyrenees does well in the presence of smaller pets but can have issues with pets of the same size or larger. As with any large breed, great pyrenees can suffer from hip dysplasia or other giant dog breed ailments, so you should be cautious about where you get them. Overall, under the right conditions, the great Pyrenees can be a highly valued, wonderful, and loyal family pet.

Some Background on the Great Pyrenees Breed

The pyrenean mountain dog, also known as the big pryenees, has many remarkable characteristics and a strong working tradition dating back to 1000 BC. They are said to have originated in Siberia or Central Asia and were introduced to Europe during the Aryan migration. The Pyrenees were frequently utilized throughout Europe to defend sheep flocks and houses.

The great pyrenees’ royal character and magnificent look made it popular with French nobles in the 1700s. The legacy of the Great Pyrenees is also linked to the hungarian kuvasz, St. Bernard, and Newfoundland. The great pyrenees are thought to have made their initial appearance in the United States when General Lafayette brought them here as a present to a friend.

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