Are Cockapoos Good With Cats – Our Overview And Tips!

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Are you a certified pet lover? Then, you probably wonder if taking care of cats and a cockapoo at the same time would be a good idea. We were made to believe that canines and felines don’t get along well. Just like the dog Spike in Tom and Jerry. It’s a disaster when they’re having an encounter and this is the time that Tom and Jerry become allies. 

The truth is, dogs and cats can be the best of friends. If not, at least they can be civil with each other and not cause chaos around the house. And for this, a lot of people these days prefer having cats and dogs as pets. The sight of having them both is simply irresistible and gives that incomparable joy. Still have doubts? It’s normal to be hesitant. Yet, that irking desire to have them both keeps on bugging you. Here are some ideas to end that doubt and to make things lighter.

Select the Right Kind of Breed

While proper care and training can make all breeds jive along well, selecting the right kind of breed is a breather.  Combining terriers and herding groups of dogs to cats may not be a good idea. The best breed to combine them with is from those the toy group and the sporting group.  Cockapoos are not purebred but are crossbred. The good news is they are in between the toy and sporting groups. With this, it’s time to shoo that doubt away as they can jive along well with cats.

Start While They’re Young

When you are trying to acquire different kinds of pets at home, the best way to make them jive is to allow them to interact at an early age. The more time spent interacting, the more they will jive. The more time teaching them together, the more they will get the hang of being with each other. Until such time that they will understand that, that’s the way their lives should be. Just like humans, even if we are a little shy or unsociable at first, we will eventually feel more comfortable when we had the chance to live together with someone that has been our companion since we were young. 

Don’t Get Too Excited

Of course, the start is always the hardest. At first, it is natural to see your cat and cockapoo being uncomfortable with each other.  It’s normal for someone to feel awkward with someone new. So, take it slow. Don’t get too excited by making them interact with each other right away.

Whoever is the new one, whether it’s the cat or the cockapoo, allow it to be accustomed to the environment first. Allow it to feel comfortable. Once it gets the hang of the environment, then it’s time to introduce them to each other. This time too, you need to spend time with them. You need to guard and guide them first. 

Give Them Separate Beds

While you want them to get along well, having them in one bed is not a good idea. Just like humans, they also have different comfort levels when sleeping. 

Cats are more of the sleeper type because they spend 15 to 20 hours a day sleeping compared to dogs like cockapoos that sleep up to 14 hours a day. You also need to take into consideration that your cockapoo will take its full sleep at night and have an occasional nap at daytime. But the cat sleeps during the day and is active at night. 

So, combining them in one bed may create an irritating environment. Imagine your cockapoo playing alone in bed at daytime while the cat is asleep. The cat will get irritated causing them to fight.

Train Them Appropriately

It is important to be patient and carry out a carrot and stick approach.  Reward good behaviors and do some scolding if you have to. Reinforce positive behavior for your cockapoo and cat with praise and treats when they behave well toward interactions. Be sure to correct your pets with a sharp no if they behave aggressively. Take into consideration that your main goal here is to make your pets feel positive, develop soothing emotions around each other.  

Of course, you have to consider that they have different sets of tricks. You can’t teach cats to bark and dogs to meow. Make sure you plan the training. Even if you do it with them side by side, make sure you give them the appropriate drills.

Consider a Crate and Leash for your Cockapoo

Dogs are playful and cuddly in nature while cats are more of the independent type and can live on their own. Try considering a crate or leash for your cockapoo. This will prevent your dog to approach and play with the cat randomly. Cats are more of a snob type. So, it is better for the cat to make the first move than the dog. 

Once you notice that your pets are now more comfortable together, you can start removing the crate and leash. This would eventually allow for more natural interaction between them. Still, an eye on your pets at all times during this phase.  Meanwhile, if there are any indications of jealousy or your pooch begins to play too rough; consider using the crate or leash again. 

A Final Reminder

Truth is, it won’t be easy to make your cat and cockapoo feel comfortable together overnight. There are cases when they get along well sooner if you’re lucky enough; but many a time, it would probably take a few weeks or even months before they get used to each other’s company.

Even when the time comes your canine and feline are already completely mingled with each other and appear like close buddies, it is still recommended that not let them stay in the same spot when you won’t be around. Crating the dog or letting them stay in separate locations would provide the most comfort for your pets and this would impede any sort of aggression and fights while you are outside.