Are Huskies Smart – A Full Breakdown Of Their Intelligence!

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We all know the saying that dogs are man’s best friends. They are cuddly, loyal, and friendly in more ways than we can imagine. As a result, many of us include these furry animals in our families. However, prior to choosing your pet, it is important to know what dog breed you want to have. This is especially important since you need to account for the amount of space you have, how much time you are willing to spend on training your dog as well as what type of personality you want your new dog to have.

One of the most popular choices of dog breeds that people choose is huskies. This breed is beautiful and obedient as well as very friendly, which makes it a perfect choice for a family with small children. What’s more, these dogs are considered to be some of the smartest dogs out there. However, how much truth is there to it?

So, are huskies smart? According to research, huskies are of “average” intelligence. Nevertheless, Siberian huskies are smart in other ways, which are oftentimes more important than traditional intelligence. More specifically, huskies are ranked relatively low on the list of the smartest dog breeds when it comes to intelligence. However, there is a lot more that these dogs have to offer, which makes them smart in many other ways.

Siberian Husky is one of the most obedient dogs out there. This breed is also emotionally intelligent, making them good with children as well as older people. As a result, this breed is a very attractive choice for many first-time pet owners.

The Personality Of A Husky

Huskies are middle-sized working dogs. Because of that, these dogs are very outgoing and alert, which makes them wonderful for safety. They have great hearing and can detect danger from a long distance. This is often the reason people choose this breed since they are amazing friends to all humans. They are also perfect for big families as they are incredibly friendly and loving, even to small children. This breed is also very patient, which is good for toddlers and older people.

What’s more, these dogs are free-spirited and love to run around and be playful. They also require lots of exercise and time outside due to their working dog background. Huskies need long daily walks, especially in cold weather, which is something they are used to and particularly enjoy.

In addition to that, this breed is very independent. Hence, when on walks, huskies need to be on a leash since they have a tendency to run off. If they see something that catches their attention, they will run away and if not properly trained, might not come back. Hence, it is important to train your dog since day one and always keep your Husky on a leash.

On top of that, Siberian huskies are particularly good with all people, including strangers as well as other pets. Therefore, these pets are wonderful for company for people of all ages. Conversely, this dog breed is not a very good match for a watchdog since they are too friendly even to people they do not know.

How To Train Your Husky

Training a Husky isn’t as straightforward as it might seem, but there are certain smart things you can do in order to make this process easier both for you as well as for your pet. Specifically, there are three very important steps you need to follow in order to train your Husky and ensure that your pet is loyal and friendly: becoming the Alpha, basic commands, and leash training. If properly implemented, these steps will help your smart dog become even smarter.

Becoming The Alpha

In order to have your Husky respect you and trust you, you must become the Alpha. This is a smart way to ensure that your dog listens when you command something and follows the rules. Similarly, if you don’t assert dominance over your dog, he will become the Alpha and walk all over you.

To become the Alpha, you need to learn a smart way to stop any aggressive behavior. A Husky is just a dog, which means that he will still have normal dog behavior such as barking at strangers, chasing squirrels, and more. However, in order to have your dog respect you and be loyal to you, you need to curtail such behavior when it starts. What’s more, if your dog exhibits any violent or aggressive behavior (especially as a puppy), you need to address that immediately. As your Husky matures, these problems will become more prominent.

Additionally and above all, you need to be confident around your dog and when you command something. Your dog needs to see you as an authority figure, not as an equal. This will ensure that your dog will respect you and listen to you, which is an important part of training your dog.

Basic Commands

Once you have established yourself as the leader, your dog should respect certain commands. There are four basic commands that your Husky should learn: stay, sit, come, and heel. These are important since if your dog learns these, you can work with him to teach him a lot more tricks and commands. On top of that, the smarter the individual dog is, the faster you will see results.

Leash Training

Leash training is an important part of socializing your Husky with other dogs. A smart Husky needs to be taught not to tug on the leash while you are holding it all while socializing with other dogs. If your Husky does not socialize with other dogs, he might become aggressive and social hence you should master this skill early on. Especially since Huskies tend to run away when they see an opportunity to do so, you should always have your pet on the leash.

Training, Rewards, And Punishment

A smart way to train your dog is to reward good behavior and listening. When your dog respects you and obeys by your rules, you might want to consider giving him a treat. This will associate being smart and obedient with being rewarded and positivity.

Hence, it is also very important not to physically scold your dog. Not only is it inhumane, but it is also not effective. What’s more, this may make your dog resent you and maybe even become aggressive. A better way to punish your dog is to withhold praise. This will teach your dog that such behavior is bad and should not be repeated. Another way you can punish your dog is to give him a timeout. Through that, your Husky will learn that what he did was not appropriate or smart.

Are Huskies Hard To Train?

The Husky is very stubborn and independent, which makes training this breed quite difficult. They are strong-willed and determined and do not tend to follow commands very easily. Nevertheless, just because training this dog breed is relatively though, it does not mean that it is impossible to do. There are simply a couple of things you should be aware of.

Training your Husky can make your dog into the smartest dog out there since it teaches them loyalty and obedience, which are important traits in dogs. As a result, the training process is extremely important and should be started rather quickly after you take in your dog. Starting to train your dog while it is still a puppy also ensures that your Husky will be smart enough to listen to all your commands and respect you.

Are Huskies Loyal To Their Owners?

Due to their friendliness and openness, huskies have a reputation for not being loyal to their owners. If an intruder was to come into your house, your husky will be more likely to beg for treats and want to be petted. However, this assumption could not be further from the truth as huskies are very loyal to their owners.

Even though your Husky might be too friendly with strangers, it ill always be loyal to you. Their obedience Is very high and they will always be by your side. The Husky will often lie with you to watch TV, want to spend quality time with all family members as well as cuddle with you. Some huskies might be more clingy than others, but it does not mean that they are less loyal to you – they simply have different temperaments and personalities.

Nevertheless, some people are still convinced that Huskies are not loyal due to their past when they used to fend for themselves on their own. However, their independence does not mean that they do not make for loyal companions for everyone.


Huskies are very emotionally smart in spite of the fact that they might not be the smartest dogs out there. They are very good with children and people of all ages, they respond to commands and they will always love their owner. There are many traits that these wonderful dogs possess and they make for incredible family pets as well as for single people.