Are There Really Hypoallergenic Labradoodles Or Not?

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The labradoodle dog breed keeps on growing in popularity with each passing season as more and more people are exposed to the breed, fall in love with it, and decide to add a labradoodle to their family. That said though, we have lost count of the number of issues that have been raised due to there being so much misinformation out there about hypoallergenic labradoodles. Due to this, we have decided to publish this article to try and help as many people as possible who have heats the labradoodles are hypoallergenic and are considering adding one to their family.

Unfortunately, just like every other dog breed, labradoodles are not hypoallergenic and if you do have allergies to dogs then they may cause your allergies to flare up. The incorrect chatter that labradoodles are hypoallergenic tends to come from the fact that many people who have allergy flare ups with other dogs tend to be fine with labradoodles and similar breeds due to their coat. Although the labradoodles will shed, their wavy coat tends to catch a large amount of the shed rather than allow it to fall to the ground and lay around your home.

Although the breed are not fully hypoallergenic, some people do tend to class them as a breed that is suitable for some people who have mild allergies to dogs as some people will be able to have a labradoodle in their home without having a flareup and without needing to use an antihistamine. On top of this, there are a number of different steps that you are able to implement into your dogs routine to try and reduce the chances of it causing your allergies to flare up if you do suffer from more sever allergies to dogs.

We will now be taking a look at some of the more effective steps that you can take to further reduce the chances of your labradoodle triggering your allergies to make your life with your pet more comfortable. Although there are a number of suggestions online that people suggest, we feel that most of them are largely ineffective so we have focused on the ones that have the highest chance of keeping your allergies in check.

Is There Anything That You Can Do To Help Your Allergies

Thankfully, although your pet labradoodle is not hypoallergenic, you are able to reduce the chances of having any allergy flare-ups if you still choose to add a labradoodle to your family. In our opinion, the easiest way to control your labradoodles shedding is to regularly brush its coat. Two or three times a week is usually plenty but we have seen some people reporting that they brush their labradoodles coat once per week without issue.

Due to the wavy coat of a labradoodle, we would highly recommend that you get a suitable deshedding brush that can easily handle the coat of the breed. Although you do need a specific brush for the process to work due to the coat of the breed, the coat type is also one of the main reasons that labradoodles rarely trigger most dog related allergies.

As the labradoodle coat does a great job of catching and holding the majority of their shed, brushing allows you to remove most of it at once and control where it goes rather than leaving it to eventually work its way out of the dog’s coat and end up around your home. Once or twice a week is plenty for the vast majority of labradoodle with a brushing session of five to ten minutes allowing you to get the majority of the shed out of your dog’s coat. Due to the shed being temporarily caught by the dog’s coat before being removed all at once with the brushing your home should not have random fur to trigger your allergies all over helping prevent flare-ups.

Noe, we know that some labradoodles may not want to sit still for the five to ten minutes you require them to be still to brush them so we just want to quickly share this tip without readers and the best part is, you can use this trick for pretty much any other task where you require your Labradoodle to stay still. Simply get a Kong dog toy that your Labradoodle will likely enjoy playing with anyway and then put some treat paste inside of the toy.

This will not only hold your labradoodles attention but also keep it still while it trys to get as much of the treat paste out of the Kong toy as possible. As the vast majority of dogs seem to find our treat paste delicious, it holds their attention and the sticky consistency ensures that it will keep your labradoodle occupied for plenty of time too. This leaves you free to brush your dog as required to collect its shed and prevent you from having any allergic reactions without your dog even knowing you are brushing it as it is too focused on the Kong toy.

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Labradoodle Grooming Brush

In our opinion, if you do own a Labradoodle then a FURminator Undercoat Deshedding Tool is an essential accessory anyway to help keep your dogs shedding under control even if you do not suffer from allergies. That said though, if you did add your Labradoodle to your family due to being told that the breed are hypoallergenic then a solid grooming brush can help prevent allergy flareups. The FURminator range is outstanding and has an excellent reputation amongst the community and on top of that, has managed to earn a large number of excellent reviews.

Although it can be used as a stand alone treatment, you can take your brushing one step further by adding a decent Deshedding Dog Shampoo to your tool kit. Although many of the deshedding shampoos on the market are close to useless, our recommended shampoo has a proven track history of being able to help minimise your labradoodles shedding.

This step is not essential and many people are able to prevent their fog allergies from flaring-up by simply brushing their dogs on a regular basis. We also know that many dogs really don’t like having a bath that can potentially make the shampooing process a pain. On the flipside of this though, if you are able to bath your labradoodle and shampoo it then this can definitely help.

If you do have serious dog allergies and have already added a labradoodle to your family but your dog does not like the bath, you can sometimes trick your dog into thinking that the shampooing process is a game. Taking your dog into the yard and washing it with a hose pipe while also using the Kong trick that we covered earlier can sometimes allow you to shampoo your dog without it having to go into the bath.

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Deshedding Shampoo For Your Labradoodle

Although a large number of the deshedding shampoos on the market are close to useless, FURminator deShedding Ultra Premium Dog Shampoo has an excellent reputation due to performing so well and helping to reduce the amount of shedding that your Labradoodle will go through. Since its release, the FURminator deshedding shampoo has kept going from strength to strength and rapidly grown its user base. Many of the other dog owners who use the shampoo have also chosen to publish their own independent reviews of the product that you can read if you wish.

Why Do People Think Labradoodles Are Hypoallergenic

As we touched on earlier in the article, many people incorrectly think that the labradoodle dog breed are hypoallergenic when they actually arnt. Most people who do think that the breed are hypoallergenic usually think it due to the lack of shed due to their natural coat catching much of the discarded coat and potentially preventing allergy flare-ups when compared to other dog breeds. Depending on the severity of your allergies this alone may be enough to ensure that your allergies don’t cause you issues but the steps that we have covered above can definatley help you.

Will I Have To Take An Antihistamine

One of the main things that we see people who own a labradoodle ask once they find out that the breed is not hypoallergenic is based around if they will have to take an antihistamine while the dog is in their home. Although there are a large number of variables that do come into play on this one, we have seen a number of people report that they are able to have a Labradoodle as a family dog in their home without having any issues at all. We have also seen some reports from people saying that they used to have issued but after adding regular brushing and bathing into their dogs routing their issue faded.

As we said though, there are a large number of different variables to take into account but on the flipside, some people may still have issues with owning a labradoodle with the symptoms of their allergies vairy. This is when some people may have to start taking an antihistamine to help manage their allergies if they do want to keep the dog in their home and although most people will be fine with over the counter antihistamines, some people may require prescription-strength medication but it does seem to be rare with the Labradoodle breed.