Can Bearded Dragons Eat Blueberries – A Full Nutritional Breakdown!

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Blueberries are described as the perfect brain food for us humans. They’re rich in a variety of nutrients, and they’re easy to cook with! You can stick them in pies, press them into jams for your toast, put them in pancakes, and so much more! These sweet little berries are perfect for us, but what about bearded dragons?

Can bearded dragons eat blueberries? Bearded dragons are well known for their “ferocious” appetite and are even willing to bite their owners when they become over enthusiastic or think that their owner’s hand is a worm. But what about blueberries? Do they make a balanced part of a bearded dragon diet?

In this article, we will discuss if bearded dragons can eat blueberries, along with answering other questions about beardies and blueberries. Including some you never thought of asking!

So, Can Bearded Dragons Eat Blueberries

Yes, beardies can happily chow down on blueberries as if they were tasty candies. In the eyes of bearded dragons, blueberries are even like jolly candies and your beardies are sure to relish them. Of course, like almost all foods you feed your bearded dragon, make sure you exhibit moderation.

Are Blueberries Good For My Bearded Dragon?

Yes, they are! According to the USDA blueberries contain only 57 calories, 0.7 grams of protein, 10 grams of sugar, 2.4 grams of fiber, 0.3 grams of fat, and 84 grams of water. A decent amount of daily nutrition that can go into a bearded dragons’ diet.

With vitamins and minerals, vitamin K1, vitamin C, and fair amounts of manganese are present in blueberries along with subtle amounts of vitamin E, vitamin B6, and copper. All these vitamins and minerals are important in maintaining the health of your beardie.

Can Blueberries Be Bad For My Bearded Dragon?

There is such a thing as having too much of a good thing. And eating too many blueberries isn’t going to be good for your bearded dragon. Bearded dragons are omnivores, of course, and in the wild munch on a variety of foods including leafy greens, fruits, and bugs.

While blueberries are certainly healthy, think of them like you would a multi-vitamin. They’re great, but too much can lead to sickness. For your bearded dragon, too many blueberries can lead it to have diarrhea due to the fiber and water content, or act sluggish.

Do Blueberries Have Any Benefits For My Bearded Dragon?

Yes! As discussed above, blueberries are a healthy fruit to feed your beardies. They provide plenty of vitamins and minerals, and the fiber and water content can help your bearded dragon stay regular with bowl movements. Some of the vitamins and minerals blueberries contain will help bearded dragons during their molting.

Ask yourself what do bearded dragons eat in the wild. As we said, their food sources are vegetables, fruits, and insects. In this sense, our comparison of blueberries to multivitamins and candy is quite accurate in the eyes of a bearded dragon. So yes, they have plenty of valuable nutrients your beardie needs.

How Many Blueberries Can A Bearded Dragon Eat?

This is a harder question to answer than can bearded dragons eat blueberries. Every bearded dragon is different, after all, so feeding them blueberries doesn’t have a general rule of thumb like other fruits of veggies. Some bearded dragons can eat dozens of blueberries in one go. Others might not even touch them.

What we do recommend is only provide blueberries to fully grown adult bearded dragons. For juveniles, the berries are going to be too big, and they might choke on them. You can certainly try squishing them and providing little chunks, but juveniles do need more insects in their diet than fruits and vegetables of course.

With adult bearded dragons, start with ten blueberries during a feeding and then gradually add more if you think your beardie is capable of eating more. Information about how many blueberries they should eat in one go is lacking, so you’ll have to experiment.

How Should I Introduce Blueberries To My Bearded Dragon?

Like you would with any other food. Drop them into the cage where you would put food normally, and watch to see what your bearded dragon does. More than likely it’ll do what all beardies do and charge the food and gobble it up, but some bearded dragons may be a bit hesitant.

Beardies that were fed a diet of pellets, and not fresh foods, are going to be more cautious around blueberries than ones that are fed a diet exclusively of fresh foods. There is nothing wrong with your beardie being hesitant with blueberries, of course, so wait to see if they eat them.

While blueberries can be fed to juveniles, as we explained you shouldn’t attempt to feed them full berries. If you’re going to add blueberries to a juvenile bearded dragons’ food source, make sure their squished and in very small pieces that they can eat. More than likely they’re likely not going to be interested in them compared to insects.

When presenting blueberries to your beardies, make sure you wash them off beforehand. They could have pesticides still on them, which can make your bearded dragon sick.

Can My Bearded Dragon Eat Other Blueberry Foods?

No. Beardies eat raw fruits, vegetables, and insects. While your bearded dragon may look like it wants a piece of your blueberry pie or you think you can add a little dollop of blueberry jam, it’s best to give them raw blueberries instead of anything made for humans.

After all, food for bearded dragons and food for humans isn’t going to contain the same nutritional content we both need.

Can My Bearded Dragon Eat Frozen or Dried Blueberries?

No. While you would think that frozen or dried blueberries are perfectly safe for your bearded dragon, you should read the ingredients on the packaging. Often times they are filled with sugar and other preservatives, which your bearded dragon certainly doesn’t need.

The same goes for canned blueberries. Even if you remove the syrup and wash off the berries, they’re not going to be as healthy as the raw berries. So make sure that the only blueberries your bearded dragon eats are ones that are raw, and of course washed off.

Now, you might consider buying organic blueberries compared to non-organic ones. Truthfully, it doesn’t matter much. Your beardie isn’t going to exactly care. As long as its raw and washed off, they’ll be content with organic or non-organic.

Can My Bearded Dragon Eat Other Berries?

Yes. Remember what we said about wild bearded dragons. Fruits are a valuable source of nutrients in the wild, including vitamins, minerals, and water. A bearded dragon that discovered a small trove of berries would happily gobble them up. The same can be said with your bearded dragon.

Berries you can try to include are raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, and even pitted cherries. Your beardie is sure to love them, although you might notice they’ll begin to pick favorites and likely go after brightly colored fruits compared to duller colored ones.

Can I Feed My Bearded Dragon Wild Blueberries?

No. While you might think that any wild foods are perfectly safe, after all bearded dragons eat food from the wild all the time, remember that you’re not in your bearded dragons’ natural range. Wild fruits and vegetables, including blueberries, could have pesticides or toxins that can make your beardie quite sick.

So never feed your bearded dragon any wild-caught insects or wild picked fruits and or wild picked vegetables. Better to play it safe and buy them fresh from the store. This being said, if you want to grow your own blueberries, then those should be safe for feeding as you know exactly what the berries have been in contact with.

Do I Need To Remove Blueberries From The Cage?

Yes. Like any and all fresh foods, it’s important to remove uneaten berries from the cage once you’re sure your beardie isn’t going to eat them. Fresh foods can rot, and in turn this will allow a whole host of unsavory bacteria and mold into your tank.

When removing the berries, simply toss them into the trash or your composter and provide more berries the next time you feed your beardie. No use in trying to save uneaten foods for later, as they could potentially be contaminated by having sat out in the open air for an extended period of time.

If you have ever wondered if bearded dragons can eat blueberries, we hope that this guide has been useful. Yes, they can happily chow down on blueberries, but do remember that these berries, like all fruit, should only compose a small portion of your bearded dragons’ diet. Fruits are great, but their higher sugar content can be bad in the long term.

Bearded dragons are wonderful and easy-going pets that aren’t a challenge to feed at all. What is important is that they receive a balanced diet filled with nutritional foods, including plenty of leafy greens, and supplements. So blueberries should be provided as a treat, no more than twice a week.