Can Hamsters Eat Celery – The Ultimate Nutritional Breakdown!

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As a child, when you asked for a snack how often would you receive celery and carrots instead of chips or cookies? Most readers at one point or another had celery recommended to them as a perfect snack. And it’s true, as celery only has 10 calories per stalk; and the stalks are 95% water!

For humans, we enjoy celery with peanut butter or celery water, but what about your pet hamster? Can hamsters eat celery? Or is celery a taboo food for them? Below we’re going to answer that question and address other questions you may not even thought of!

So, Can Hamsters Eat Celery?

The short answer is yes, hamsters can munch away on celery to their little hearts’ content. Well, in moderation. If you’re giving celery to your hamster make sure that is small pieces and with moderation. Treats only.

Is Celery Good For Hamsters?

Surprisingly yes. The same nutritional benefits we get from celery your pet will also receive. Let’s look at the nutritional side of things for a moment, as this will better explain why celery is good for your pet hamster. 100 grams of raw celery, according to the USDA, contains 1.6 grams of fiber, only 1.3 grams of sugar, 95 grams of water, 40 mg of calcium, 0.2 mg of iron, 80 mg of sodium, and has a fair bit of vitamins as well!

So, if you want to incorporate celery into your hamster’s diet, then you’re in luck as celery is one healthy vegetable that’s a perfect treat given the amounts of vitamin and nutrients it has.

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Can Celery Be Bad For Hamsters?

Like every good thing, celery can be bad for your hamster if you over feed it. This is because celery, as we showed, is high in both fiber and water. For the sensitive digestive tract of your little pet, too much water or fiber will cause issues such as vomiting or diarrhea.

This being said, celery isn’t going to be fatal to your hamster if you over feed it. Your hamster is certainly not going to be happy, but you can rest assured that no long-term harm will come. If you do notice your hamster acting strange after eating celery, you need to call your vet and see if there is a more serious issue at hand.

What Benefits Will Celery Have For Hamsters?

Besides being a nutritious and crunchy treat for your hamster, and relatively safe compared to other fruits and vegetables, celery is packed full of fiber and water. Essential for active little critters. Now while this is bad if you feed too much celery to your pet, just a little bit of celery will go a long way to keeping your hamster healthy.

Not only that, but the vitamins and minerals will also help your hamster’s health!

What Parts Of The Celery Can Hamsters Eat?

Now that we’ve answered the question can hamsters eat celery, and established they make great hamster food, let’s look over what parts the hamster can eat. The two parts of celery are the stalk and the leaves. Both parts are edible to your hamster. Make sure you’re providing small pieces, however.

You Said Celery Leaves, Are Those Good for Hamsters?

Celery leaves are just as healthy as the stalk, but you might notice that your hamster isn’t chowing down on it like they do the stems or even other leafy greens. For some reason, possibly due to stronger taste, hamsters eat celery stalks but not the leaves. You may have a hamster that prefers the leaves over the stalk, however.

So celery leaves aren’t the greatest hamster food items, but it can’t hurt to provide them to your hamsters and see if they like it or not. Who knows, they may love it? Or they might detest it.

How Much Celery Should Hamsters Eat?

This is an important question to ask, as too much celery isn’t good for a hamster, but too little isn’t going to provide all those nutritional benefits either. It’s recommended that you provide a quarter teaspoon of celery per hamster per week. This is more than enough to feed your hamster and keep them healthy.

If you have a number of hamsters living together, you can provide bigger pieces if they all eat parts of it. This being said, you need to make sure that you remove the uneaten celery after a few minutes and make sure to not provide any more celery for the rest of the week.

Celery should be provided in small amounts and as treats. It shouldn’t replace staple foods or pellets.

How Should I Introduce Celery To My Hamsters?

To answer this, you need to know what do hamsters eat. Hamsters are naturally skittish, but are also opportunistic omnivores. So any foods, or potential foods, they might find will be stuff in their cheeks for later. This includes grains, fruits, and even bugs! While your pet hamster isn’t a wild hamster anymore, it still has the same drive.

So your hamster is likely going to chow down right then and there when food shows up, or might take it and hide it away for later. Ever pet is different after all, and how your hamster reacts to food should tell you how you’re going to want to present celery to it.

When introducing celery, you don’t need to provide any fanfare. Just take a small piece, remember a quarter teaspoon is all you need, and pit it with the rest of the feed. When your pet hamster is hungry, they’ll come over to the food bowl to investigate and will notice the celery with their other feed.

The three likely outcomes are your pet will chow down, grab it and save the celery for later, or simply not care and eat its usual foods. Can hamsters eat celery? Yes. Will hamsters eat celery? Depends completely on their personality!

Is It OK To Cook Celery for Hamsters?

Yes, but at the same time it’s not recommended you do so either. When you cook celery, not only is the crunch lost which your hamster will deeply miss, but so are a lot of the vitamins and minerals celery contained. Honestly, it’s more natural to provide raw celery. After all, if you look at what can hamsters eat in the wild, it’s all raw foods.

But, if you do desire to feed cooked celery to your hamster, or maybe you have hamsters that love cooked celery, only provide the same amount as you would raw celery.

What Types of Celery Can Hamsters Eat?

You might come across dried celery and want to incorporate that into your hamster’s diet as opposed to fresh celery which might get expensive. The good news is dried celery should be as healthy as raw celery, but is of course lacking a lot of the moisture content. Your hamsters will love the crunch, and it might be hard to go back to raw.

Alternatively, you may see canned celery. Never provide canned foods to your hamsters, celery included, because they contain lots of artificial preservatives. This isn’t healthy for hamsters, and likely isn’t good for you either.

What Else Can Hamsters Eat Which Is Like Celery?

Hamsters, being the little munchie lovers that they are, incorporate a wide range of vegetables in their diet, including plenty of stalked vegetables which celery is a part of. If you want to add more variety of vegetables that still have a crunch, look at broccoli or cauliflower. Hamsters love those stalks as much as celery stalks.

Another great vegetable to consider is the humble carrot. These orange veggies aren’t just for rabbits, you know, hamsters love them to! Not only do they provide health benefits for your hamster, like many vegetables do, but hamsters love to chew on carrots which in turn helps keep their teeth from overgrowing.

Can I Leave Celery In The Cage?

Now this last question is one that isn’t often asked enough. If your hamster decides it wants to save the celery for later, should you let it? Or try to dig it out? Fresh celery is high in water, which means that it’s susceptible to rot if it’s not cleaned out soon. If the celery starts rotting, you can easily have a fungal or bacteria infestation in the bedding.

When your hamster is done eating their celery, make sure that they actually eat it and don’t stuff it in their cheeks and take off. Yes, it’s adorable to watch them stuff their cheeks, but celery isn’t something that can be stored by your hamster. The same is true for any fresh vegetable you give them.

If you’re providing dry celery, then you can leave it in the cage. The drying process leaves it much less susceptible to rot and in turn less susceptible to letting bad stuff grow in the bedding.

And there’s your answer to can hamsters eat celery. They can, but it needs to be in moderation. Which means, only treats given out once a week. After all, it’s important to keep your hamster’s diet varied and full of other yummy foods. Celery is a great foundation to providing a great diet for your little pet!