Can Parrots Eat Figs – A Full Nutritional Breakdown!

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If you have a pet parrot, chances are you’ll probably be wondering what’s the best way to take care of your parrot and that includes the proper way to feed it. However, there sometimes seems to be a bit of confusion on what a parrot can and can’t eat exactly. More specifically, a frequently asked question in this department is whether parrots can eat figs or not. Thus, if you’re interested in learning the answer to this question, take a seat and keep reading to find out.

Nutritional Value Of Figs For Parrots

For starters, it’s important to shine some light on the nutritional value of figs. Overall, figs are a very healthy type of fruit and are rich in many nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. 

When it comes to vitamins, figs contain very prominent vitamins such as vitamins A, B, C, and K, to just name of few of them. Besides vitamins, figs are very rich in many important minerals as well. Examples include calcium, magnesium, potassium, manganese, and iron. Again, the nutritional value of figs isn’t limited to these particular minerals, but these are just the most prominent ones that definitely shouldn’t be overlooked.

Furthermore, it also should be noted that figs are remarkably rich in fibers as well. Fibers are very necessary for your overall health, seeing as they’re responsible for battling several dangerous intestinal bacteria. Thus, you need fibers to maintain a strong and good-functioning digestion system at all times.

As a result, figs can almost be considered as a true superfood that’s remarkably healthy and thus unquestionably should be a part of everyone’s weekly diet. Admittedly, figs do possess a relatively high dose of fructose, but that doesn’t change the fact that generally speaking, figs are very beneficial for your overall health.

So, you shouldn’t doubt the beneficial nutritional value of figs in the slightest. Of course that makes sense when it comes to people. However, the question remains whether figs are a good food source for animals in general and parrots specifically.

Are Figs Suitable For Parrots

Well, the answer to the question asked above is a resolute yes! There seems to be a general rule that you can feed your parrot everything that it could also find in nature. Therefore, the diet of a parrot is incredibly diverse and definitely isn’t limited to seeds or other typical bird food.

Moreover, you should also keep the rule of thumb in the back of your mind that about half of your parrot’s diet should consist of granular food, more or less. On the other hand, the other half of its diets can be a mix of different types of fruit, vegetables, seeds, and other similar food products. Consequently, there are some types of fruit and some vegetables that you can feed to your parrot, and figs certainly belong to this category. Figs are not only very nutritional for parrots, but you can also give them to your parrot as a way to reward it when it’s deserved!

However, it should be noted that too much fruit could give rise to certain problems when it comes to your parrot’s digestive system. Thus, you never should go overboard with feeding your parrot figs. Even though figs are a very nutritional food source, you should never give your parrot too many of them, otherwise, you would undermine the health benefits of figs and that’s something to avoid at all costs, for sure!

Furthermore, you should also always make sure that the figs are thoroughly washed before you give them to your parrot. This was, you can be sure that you’re not feeding your parrot certain dangerous bacteria or something similar, which is truly crucial if you want to keep your parrot healthy and strong at all times.

Lastly, another tip that you should keep in mind is that you should always keep the figs apart from your parrot’s drinking bowl. Namely, parrots find this a lot more pleasant generally speaking. Also, make sure that you don’t leave the figs out for too long. Otherwise, they can become bad more quickly and as a result, your parrot could get very sick if you’re not being careful enough.

Specific Benefits For Parrots

What’s especially great about figs as a food source for your parrot, is that this type of fruit will give your parrot the nutritional value and the overall energy it needs to function properly throughout the day. Of course, you need to keep in mind that a distinction has to be made whether you’re talking about pet parrots or parrots that are fluttering in the wild nature. Nonetheless, parrots generally need to be provided with a certain amount of energy in order to survive and live healthily.

It’s in this department that vitamin A is extremely important. To be more concrete, vitamin A is an essential vitamin that parrots need to consume regularly. Even more so, a high amount of parrots are currently struggling with a vitamin A deficit. Such a lack of vitamin A can have very far-reaching consequences for your parrot, ranging from certain skin abnormalities or a swelling of its beak to problems with its airway, to just name a few of the negative consequences.

As mentioned above, figs are notably rich in vitamin A and that’s thus another reason why they should be incorporated in the diet of your parrot on a regular basis. This vitamin will also significantly strengthen the overall immune system of your parrot. Namely, just as is the case with any other living creature on this earth, your parrot needs to be in the possession of a good-functioning immune system. That way, your parrot will definitely be able to fight off any pathogens to the extent possible!


All in all, figs could really prove themselves to be a great asset when it comes to your parrot’s diet. Therefore, you definitely don’t have to be reserved in this department and you can just feed this type of fruit to your parrot without having to worry. Not only are figs remarkably beneficial for your parrot’s health, but you will also find that your parrot will thoroughly enjoy eating them! Thus, there are absolutely no reasons why you shouldn’t give your parrot some figs every once in a while!