Can Rabbits Eat Grapes? – The Complete Nutritional Breakdown!

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Grapes are great, and it’s hard to think about a world where we couldn’t enjoy them. From fruit juices, to wines, to table dressing, grapes are everywhere. Next time when you’re at the store, take note of just how many products have “grape flavored” listed on the package. You might be surprised with how many foods use grape flavoring!

For us humans we love and adore grapes, but what about rabbits? Rabbits, after all, have a natural sweet tooth and if given the chance will indulge themselves in fruits like apples, pears, bananas, etc. So it would only make sense bunnies would want to indulge themselves in grapes. But, should a bunny be allowed to eat grapes?

In this article, we’ll explore the relationship between grapes and bunnies and answer several questions including can rabbits eat grapes, and much more!

So, Can Rabbits Eat Grapes?

Yes, they can. Rabbits can happily eat grapes without a care in the world. So if you want the short answer, it’s yes. Rabbits eat grapes like we humans eat candy. It’s a very sweet fruit for them, much sweeter than for us. But, this being said just because a rabbit can eat grapes doesn’t mean they should.

Why Shouldn’t Rabbits Eat Grapes?

Let’s look at the USDA website on the common tabletop grape. Just ten grapes contain nearly eight grams of sugar. Now, this sugar is “healthier” than, say, processed sugar, but that’s still a lot of sugar. Grapes also contain a fair amount of vitamin C and plenty of water, so it’s not like their bad.

Now, let’s answer another important question. Rabbits are perfectly fine eating grapes and grapes are perfect treats for them. The issue is the sugar content. They have a lot of sugar and given the sensitive digestive system of your rabbit, too many grapes can make them sick.

Are Grapes Good For Rabbits?

As mentioned above, grapes do have some benefits. Namely, a good concentration of vitamin C with a fair amount of other vitamins and minerals. They’re a healthy fruit, that’s without a doubt. And adding them to the diet of your rabbit isn’t going to hurt to them. Make sure you apply moderation, which we’ll discus more on further down.

Can Grapes Be Bad For Rabbits?

Yes. Grapes aren’t poisonous and aren’t going to make your rabbit sick, but eating too many can cause issues due to the way a rabbit’s digestive system works. A de-balance of bacteria could occur in the stomach which could lead to other illnesses. Grapes, due to their high sugar content, can also lead to rabbit obesity.

Of course, there is the other issue that grapes with seeds could potentially be a problem as the seed might get stuck in the rabbit’s throat. And then there is the issue that too many sweet foods, like grapes, will make your rabbit bypass the food it needs like hay, leafy greens, and pellets, and only want fruit.

How Do I Go About Feeding Grapes To My Rabbit?

As we mentioned, grapes make wonderful treats for rabbits. They love to eat them, and they’re rather healthy. We don’t want you to think we disapprove of grapes in their diet. On the contrary! The point we’re trying to drive home is that while grapes are good, they should never replace hay, pellets, and other healthy rabbit food.

So, grapes are wonderful treats, but how do you put them in your rabbit’s diet? Well first, you need fresh grapes. We’ll expand on this further down, but for now remember you only want fresh grapes. Next, make sure that they’re washed clean. You don’t want any pesticides or other chemicals remaining on them.

After that, just give a few of the fruits to your rabbit. They’ll happily eat them without a fuss. It’s recommended to give these sweet fruits as a treat no more than two times a week, and only provide two or three grapes at a time. No more than that. These are treats, not replacements for any other food in their diet.

Does It Matter What Color The Grape Is?

Not really. Red and purple grapes are commonly taken over green ones, and the speculation is that rabbits are just drawn to the brighter color. Your rabbit may have a color preference, or it may eat any grape without a problem. Feed your rabbit different colored grapes each time and see if they prefer one color over the others.

Overall, the color shouldn’t matter, but red and purple grapes are the more popular colors.

Does It Matter If The Grapes Is Organic Or Not?

No. While having organic grapes certainly won’t upset your rabbit, they’re not going to provide any more benefits over regular, non-organic grapes. What does matter is the grapes are fresh and you clean them off before giving them to your rabbit.

Which Grapes Should I Avoid?

Anything with seeds. These could get stuck in your rabbit’s throat. Besides those, most table grapes that you find at stores are perfectly safe for your rabbit to eat. Again, just make sure to moderate the intake of fruits compared to hay, pellets, and leafy greens.

Can Rabbits Eat Raisins?

This is a question that rabbit experts can’t agree on. Rabbits can, in theory, eat raisins. Raisins have high sugar levels, much more than regular grapes, and due to their dried exterior eating them could pose a challenge to rabbits. On the other hand, rabbits have been seen eating raisins without too much of a fuss, along with other dried fruits.

So we can’t give you a proper yes or no here. In our opinion, raisins and other dried fruits should be avoided because they’re food that’s high in sugar and not many other nutrients.

Can Rabbits Have Grape Juice?

Maybe? We’ve seen some rabbit owners online talking about giving grape juice to their rabbits, which we find baffling to say the least. You wouldn’t expect rabbits to drink grape juice. Which is why we say you shouldn’t give your rabbit grape juice. Regardless if they can or can’t drink it, there’s no point in risking it.

Grape juice, like other fruit juices, is high in sugar and preservatives. This doesn’t make for a health-conscious choice to add to a rabbit’s diet. So yes, they can drink grape juice, but we don’t recommend it at all.

Does It Matter If I Give My Rabbit Cut Grapes?

Not really. If your rabbit is very young, cutting a grape may help. This said, rabbits should only eat grapes around three months. Never before, and in actuality you should wait until they’re at least a few months older before giving them fruits. Hay and leafy vegetables are fine in the meantime.

Cutting a grape or peeling a grape doesn’t matter to a rabbit. You’re still giving them grapes, grapes are still sweet, so they’re not going to care unless they’re really picky.

When Should I Give My Rabbit Grapes?

As we discussed, you should feed your rabbit grapes as treats. Think about, for a moment, what do rabbits eat in the wild? Leafy greens, fibrous plants, and of course fruits. Fruits are harder to come by than the former, and given they’re rich in nutrients and more importantly energy, rabbits will happily eat as much fruit as they can.

What this means, to you as a rabbit owner, is that your bunny will prioritize fruits over their other foods such as hay, leafy greens, and pellets. And this isn’t good, because they might become very angry if presented anything else other than fruit. Some owners have reported that their rabbits will even go on hunger strikes until they get their fruit.

When providing grapes to your rabbit, either give it to them as a reward for doing tricks or as a treat once they’re done eating their proper food. Never provide grapes mixed in with regular feed, as your rabbit will search for the grape first. And this might lead them to conclude that all their meals will have a grape hidden somewhere.

The same goes for all fruits you want to give your rabbit as treats. Provide them as rewards for tricks, and after their proper foods are eaten.

And there you have it. Can rabbits eat grapes? Yes, they can without any sort of issue. Grapes are healthy, and very sweet to a rabbit. This, however, can affect their health as they might crave these sweet fruits over their normal foods like hay and pellets. To ensure the proper health of your rabbit, always give grapes as treats.

This said, don’t feel obligated to give your rabbit nothing but grapes as a reward. Be sure to try other fruits, like apples and bananas, or even sweeter vegetables like carrots. Your rabbit will be quite happy with a varied diet compared to one that only has the same food.

Grapes make great treats, but leave them only as treats. You don’t want your bunny only wanting grapes!