Can You Keep A Nerite Snail And Betta Fish In The Same Tank?

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Betta fish generally are aggressive; this poses a difficult task in choosing their tank mates. However, there exist some species of snails that can perfectly cohabitate peacefully with your betta fish in a tank.  Nerite snails are docile enough making them a perfect match for the betta fish. The most important benefit of keeping nerite snails in your tank is that they feed on algae, biofilm, betta pellets, and fish flakes. This helps in keeping your tank very clean.

Caring for nerite snails and better fish is very easy. This is because they enjoy the same environment in the tank. Nerite snails and betta fish thrive well in the same water temperature and quality. Their day and night cycle is the same. However, the tank size for keeping these two creatures should be a minimum of five gallons. The reason for this is to provide enough space as well as for the ecosystem requirements. Large tank size ensures that there is a substantial amount of bio-load for your nerite snails to feed on. This will ensure that the betta fish and the nerite snails remain very healthy in the tank.

Several factors make nerite snails the best tank mates for the better fish. These factors are:

Food And Diet

Nerite snails are algae eaters. They will eat leftovers of fish pellets and the fish flakes in the tank. Nerite snails are not picky eaters; they will eat all the algae and biofilm in the tank. This will leave your tank always clean. You will be relieved of the effort of trying to clean your betta tank. There is no cost incurred in feeding the nerite snails. The snails will sustain themselves naturally in the tank.


Nerite snails are very cheap to buy. One snail costs an average of $4. When you buy a few at a time, it becomes cheaper. Nerite snails provide a cheap means of acquiring tank mates for your betta fish. These snails are normally purchased in packs. Inside the pack are a variety of nerite snails. The different markings and colors of the shells will enhance the beauty in your tank.

Water Parameters

Nerite snails thrive well in temperature between 70-80 Fahrenheit. The pH level should be between 7-8.5. water hardness should range between 6-12 dH. These conditions are very similar to the requirements of the betta fish. They also have the same and regular cycle of days and nights. This will make the Nerite snails and betta fish perfectly comfortable in the same tank. With all the similar requirements, betta fish and nerite snails will make a perfect tank mate.


Nerite snails are native to brackish and salty water. For the larvae to grow, the water must be salty. Therefore, the nerite snails will not take over your betta tank. This is because they will not multiply in the freshwater tank. You will be relieved of the worry of the snails’ population in your tank over time. The change in the environment from the native salty water in the natural habitat to the freshwater in the betta tank will check the population of the snails. Ideally, the nerite snails will not increase in number as the larvae will not be able to grow in freshwater.


Nerite snails are very beautiful. Each of the popular snail species has different patterns and colors. The snail shells have different colors ranging from blue, ivory to golden. They provide a much pretty look in the betta tank when mixed. This will make your tank very much pretty to look at. 

Behavior And Temperament

Nerite snails are normally not very active. They are mellow and very beautiful creatures. While in the tank, nerite snails will be moving around slowly consuming the available algae and waste materials. They will not bother or cause problems for the rest of the fish population. Nerite snails are very docile. They will not interfere with the active and aggressive betta fish. They will live together peacefully in the tank without much interaction.


A pack of nerite snails will decrease the stress of the aggressive and highly territorial betta fish. This is because of their calm and relaxed state. The varieties of these snails will guarantee a beautiful look on your betta tank. Different varieties of nerite snails have a different combination of colors, patterns, and markings. Their ivory and golden shells are pretty to look.

These snails are perfect for your betta tank due to their small size. They are an ideal choice for the tank mate for your betta fish because of their low reproduction rate. This will not only make your tank algae-free but they will ensure that the tank is not overpopulated. Your betta fish will have a good space and a perfect environment to thrive on due to minimal disturbance caused by the nerite snails. Nerite snails very docile, this makes it easy for them to coexist with the betta fish in the tank.

Sometimes the betta fish will have a little bite at the snails. Since the nerite snails have a hard shell, there will be little or no harm to their bodies. Nerite snails have a long lifespan. They can live up to two years. You will not have the task of constantly replacing your nerite snails. This will reduce the overall cost of acquiring snails.

It is very easy to take care of the nerite snails. They do not require much effort to keep as they are easy to sustain. This is because they utilize the available algae, biofilm, and fish waste at the bottom of the tank.

It is fun to watch these snails moving around in the tank. Nerite snails sometimes come out of the water to enjoy the fresh air. As they wiggle their little stalks on the tank surface, they provide a beautiful view.

With all the advantages and minimum effort of keeping them, there is no reason to keep them with your betta fish.