Will Betta Fish Consume Snails Or Not?

Betta fish are one of the most popular fish on the market owing to its beautiful colors and fluttery fins. Other owners like seeing their Bettas construct bubble nests or simply explore the aquarium. Betta fish are notorious for being quite aggressive, despite their inherent beauty and curiosity. Either against other fish, tank items, or even their own reflections!

Betta fish are generally housed alone due to their aggressiveness, however I’m sure you believe your Betta fish is lonely. After all, you wouldn’t want to spend the entire day locked up in your room with no interaction. So some Betta owners felt that their fish needed a companion, and what better companion than the humble snail?

Of course, the concern for every Betta owner about a possible snail is whether the Betta fish would attack or consume it.

Will Betta Fish Eat Snails?

If the snail is tiny enough, then yes! Betta fish eat zooplankton, insect larvae, and tiny crustaceans in the wild. A tiny snail is nothing more than a nibble for a Betta, however they will seek for other food sources first. What about bigger snails, you may ask? The good news is that Bettas will usually ignore a huge snail.

Typically, since Bettas may still nibble on the long, meaty eye stalks and tentacles. Betta fish will not aggressively seek a snail as a food or a danger, apart from an attempted nip, in which case the snail will be OK. Snails move slowly and aren’t swimmers, so they don’t hold the Betta’s attention for long. This isn’t to say Bettas won’t bump into a snail or go for a bite, but it also means they won’t scheme to murder the snail.

Which snails are ideal for your tank now that you know your Betta will not try to kill or eat a snail?

The Mystery Snail

The Mystery Snail, one of the most popular snails on the market, is an excellent friend for your Betta fish. If you plan on introducing a mystery snail, or any snail, it is advised that you have at least a five-gallon aquarium, as this will allow the snail and Betta fish plenty of space to call their own. Your Betta will have other things to invest in besides the snail, lowering the danger of future assaults.

Mystery Snails have comparable temperature and water needs as your Betta, so there’s no need to worry about additional chemicals or water changes. Both the snail and the Betta will be OK as long as you clean and balance your water on a regular basis. Best of all, if your Betta bites one off, Mystery Snails may regenerate missing eyes and tentacles.

For one reason or another, the Mystery Snails are excellent escape artists. As a result, always have a sturdy lid on your tank. Don’t blame your Betta if your snail has gone missing. It has most certainly fled, and you must find it as soon as possible before it dries out and dies.

Nerite Zebra

This beautiful snail with black-and-white stripes on its shell is another excellent Betta buddy. Because of their tiny size, you may keep more than one in a typical five-gallon tank, and they are not explosive breeders because they need brackish water to reproduce. Having said that, because they are smaller, your Betta may be more likely to pick on them. Thankfully, they do not consume them.

Your Zerba Nerites, like Mystery Snails, will be happy to have a Betta fish as a neighbor as long as they have lots of space to explore. Similarly, if your Betta has other diversions, it won’t mind the tiny snails exploring its aquarium. Zebra Nerites do require a higher pH than Betta are accustomed to, but as long as the water and chemicals are consistent and clean, the Zebra Nerites will be completely content.

Assassin Snails

A pretty unusual snail that feeds on other snails. If you have too many snails in your Betta tank for whatever reason, an Assassin Snail will swiftly reduce the population. Your Betta, like other snails, will not disturb your Assassin Snail until you want to show it who’s boss. Despite being a snail-killer, an Assassin Snail will not attack your Betta.

Assassin Snails, like their victim, can consume plants and will roam the tank searching for leftovers to eat if left to their own devices. They do, however, demand meatier meals, so if you want an Assassin Snail with your Betta, be sure you feed it blood worms or other meaty goodies. Your Betta fish will like these snacks as well, so make sure there is enough for them to share.

Why Should You Purchase A Snail?

There is a notion that snails, even a single snail in smaller tanks, can clean the tank for you, eliminating the need for you to worry or do any labor. Unfortunately, this is a myth. Snails forage for algae, decaying vegetation, and uneaten food near the tank’s bottom. They do aid with waste removal, but they and the Betta also create trash that the snail will not touch.

A snail will assist you in keeping your tank clean, but it will not clean the tank for you. Similarly, your Betta fish will not require the presence of a snail. As previously stated, a Betta fish will ignore a snail at best and nip it at worst. Your Betta will never eat a snail unless it is extremely tiny and fits in its mouth.

To be honest, your Betta fish is quite satisfied with having its own area and being fed every day. Having saying that, the personalities of your Betta and snails should not be overlooked. Some Betta fish appear to like the presence of snails and may even swim up to or near them. Similarly, some snails appear to love chasing the Betta about. Either waiting for meals or seeming to be interested.

If you buy a snail for your Betta tank, you want to bring some life to the tank. Add something fresh and interesting for you and your Betta. Your Betta’s reaction will be determined by its personality, but you may be confident that your Betta will not devour your snail. As long as the tank is large enough, there is plenty of food, and the water is just perfect, your snail and Betta will have a long and happy tank-mate relationship.