Do Beagles Shed And How To Easily Get it Under Control!

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The beagle breed has seen a steady increase in popularity over the last few years and due to more and more dog owners opting to add a beagle to their family, we have noticed more and more people reaching out with a number of different questions regarding the breed. These range from what food to give a beagle to how best to exercise them but over the last month or two, we have noticed more and more people specifically asking questions based around “Do beagles shed?”. Due to this increase in the frequency that we see these questions asked, we have decided to dedicate this article to the topic to try and help any of our readers who own a beagle.

The short answer is yes, your beagle will shed and unfortunately, this is a common mistake that people make as they see the short smooth coat of a beagle and just presume that the breed will not shed much. Beagles are moderate shedders and will shed a steady amount of their coat year-round but some beagles will increase their shedding in the springtime depending on the location that you live.

The short coat of a beagle can make their shedding more manageable as the hair is usually less noticeable but if you do suffer from allergies then this can potentially become an issue. Although there is a popular myth that there are some dog breeds that are hypoallergenic and will not trigger your allergies, this is simply a myth but some breeds are less triggering than others. Due to the beagle breed being a moderate shredded, we would place the breed between the lower portion and middle of any list of dogs that are likely to trigger your allergies.

That said though, depending on how bad your allergies are, you can often keep your beagles shedding under control and with the aid of an antihistamine, go about your life as normal with a beagle in your household. If your allergies are mild then simply keeping your beagles shedding under control may be enough and you may not have the need to take an antihistamine at all. We will not be taking a look at how you are able to minimize the effects of your beagle shedding its coat and help prevent your home from becoming covered in your dog’s discarded shed.

Dealing With Your Beagles Shedding

Although there are a number of tips and tricks out there that are able to help you keep your beagles shedding under control, in our opinion, nothing comes close to simply grooming your beagle on a regular basis with a suitable de-shedding brush. We know that there are some fancy shampoos out there that claim to help but in our opinion, they are just a waste of money and many beagles are not a fan of bath time where as they will usually let you groom them for house without complaint.

The beagle breed is one of the better breeds when it comes to regular brushing and you can usually brush your beagle two or three times a week to help keep their shedding under control. Each session should last between five to ten minutes while you brush their coat with a suitable brush to catch their shed and minimise it randomly dropping around your home as your beagle goes about its daily routine. Although the beagle coat is short and shorter coat breeds can usually be brushed more often, we would still not recommend that you brush your beagle more than three times a week.

The beagle breed are also double-coated meaning that a solid de-shedding brush that has been specifically designed for de-shedding a dog is pretty much essential. Although most single coat breeds can usually get away with regular brushes, the under coat of the beagle can often be un-touched by a regular brush allowing the shed to build up only to be deposited around your house and potentially trigger any allergies or result in a whole bunch of clean up time.

Although the majority of beagles tend to enjoy being brushed and groomed, some will undoubtedly make the process as difficult as possible. Even if your beagle usually allows you to brush it on a regular basis, there may be days when it simply just isn’t in the mood and doesn’t want to be groomed. If this is the case for you then one of the best and cheapest tips that we have seen owners of all breeds report having a high success rate with is to use a Kong dog toy and put some treat paste inside of the toy to keep your beagle occupied.

The treat paste has an great reputation amongst the dog owning community for acting as a high value treat and keeping your dog occupied to allow you to groom it, clip its nails, or perform any other task that your dog may not want to be done. Essentially, you fold your legs, put the Kong toy between them so there is room for it to move around but to keep it in a small location and then allow your beagle to enjoy itself trying to get the treat paste out of the toy while your brush it without it even knowing you are doing it.

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Shedding Brush For Beagles

We would highly recommend that our readers check out the FURminator Undercoat Deshedding Tool as it can make the grooming process much quicker and easier to help get your beagles shedding under control. Not only is it cheap but the FURminator has become a standard accessory for a massive number of dog owners due to it performing flawlessly. Over the years, the FURminator has managed to rightfully earn itself an outstanding reputation with the dog-owning community as well as earn a ton of Independent reviews from other dog owners in including a number of people who also own beagles too.

Getting Your Beagle A Hair Cut

Although beagles do have a short coat, some beagle owners will take their dogs to a professional dog groomers to have their coats professionally cut and styled. Although this will come down to personal preference, it does not help reduce the amount of shedding that your beagle will go through throughout the year. Your beagle sheds due to hormones in its blood telling it to rather than it being related to the length of its coat or your beagle being too hot as some people seem to think.

Even after being professionally groomed, your beagle will still shed at the same rate but the shedding may seem to actually get worst after being groomed. This is due to a longer coat on your beagle being able to catch and trap its shed until there is direct friction with something so the shorter the coat, the more shed that will be deposited around your home. This is why a beagle with a regular length coat that has not been trimmed will seemingly only deposit its shed on its bed or places where it lays down due to the friction helping to release the shed from the coat.

Although it is highly recommended that some dog breeds do get a regular hair cut if you are living in a warmer location, the short coat on a beagle does not make this a necessity at all and the majority of people who do take their beagles to a professional groomer do it to make their dog’s coat looks neater rather than to help with overheating or shedding. That said though, we have lost count of the number of people saying they took their dog to a dog groomers only for shedding to not stop or get worse so we wanted to quickly cover it in our article.

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If you are considering having your pet beagle professionally groomed then it may be worth checking out Ceenwes Dog Clippers as they are much cheaper, easy to use, and perform very well. A professional dog groomer can charge anywhere from fifty to one hundred dollars per session whereas the dog clippers are a one time purchase and are cheaper than a single session with a professional groomer. Ceenwes Dog Clippers have proven to be very popular amongst the dog-owning community and have had a large number of glowing independent reviews published for them from other dog owners.

Try Restricting The Time Your Dog Is Outdoors

Although there is only minimal scientific evidence to back this up and it may be breed dependent, the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) has published studies suggesting that a dog may have an increase in shedding if it is outdoors more often. Again, this is in the very early stages of research but we have seen a few reports who let their dogs sleep outdoors and then brought them indoors and have reported a slight decrease in shedding but correlation is not causation.

Also, to be clear, this does not mean keep your beagle indoors and never let it out again, you can still take your dog for its regular walks and let it play in the yard, the initial research is mainly based around dogs who sleep outdoors or are left outdoors for longer periods of time. Depending on your situation, this may be something that you can use to help but the beagle breed tend to be kept indoors most of the time anyway.

Why Do Beagles Shed

As we mentioned earlier in the article, your beagle does not shed due to its coat being too long or it being too warm, your beagle usually shed due to a hormone in its blood telling it to although there are a few health conditions that do have shedding as a symptom too. If you do suspect that your beagles shedding is down to a health condition rather than natural shedding then we would highly recommend that you see the advice of your local veterinarian and get professional treatments as soon as possible.

When it comes to the natural shedding of your dog though, there is nothing that you can do to prevent it, all you can do is try to manage it as best you can. As we mentioned earlier, your beagle may start to shed more in the springtime due to an increase in the amount of the shedding hormone in your dog’s blood but not all beagles go through this process. That said though, even outside of the spring months, all healthy beagles will shed year-round due to the shedding hormone having a residual flow in your dog’s blood that brings us onto our next point.

Will My Beagle Stop Shedding

We have seen countless claims online of dog owners saying that their dogs have stopped shedding when this is simply not the case. As we mentioned, many dog breeds, including the beagle are year round shedders with seasonal spikes at various times of the year. This is why you may see people saying that their beagle has stopped shedding around summer time when in fact, it has simply left its seasonal shedding phase and resorted back to its regular, year round shedding that is usually a much smaller amount of its coat.

The dog is still naturally shedding its coat but at a much lower rate giving the appearance that the shedding may have stopped when it has not. We just wanted to quickly explain this for our readers on the off chance that you have allergies to dogs and are considering a beagle as you saw someone online say that they usually only shed for two to three months of the year. This is not the case and there will be shed deposits around your home year-round, even with the regular brushing we recommended above but regular brushing can massively reduce the amount of shed you have around your home.