Do Bulldogs Shed + 4 Ways To Help Get The Shedding Under Control!

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English bulldogs have continued to go from strength to strength with each passing year seeing steady growth in their popularity in both North America and Europe while showing no signs of their popularity slowing down anytime soon. Just like all of the other popular dog breeds out there, we are constantly seeing people reaching out and asking questions about bulldogs ranging from what to feed them to how you are able to train them easily to their shedding level and this is what we want to talk about today.

We have seen a number of people reaching out and asking questions about the shed levels of an English bulldog and the number of similar questions that we see is just increasing with each passing month. Due to this, we have decided to dedicate this article to English bulldog shedding to try and help as many of our readers as possible who either already own, or are looking to add an English bulldog to their family.

Although bulldogs do shed, they are not a breed that is known for excessive shedding such as a husky but they are moderate shedders who tend to shed their coats year-round. This means that they are not even close to being classed as one of the more hypoallergenic dog breeds out there but their moderate shedding is usually more allergy-friendly than most other dogs. We have seen reports from people who only have mild allergies to a dog’s coat report that they can usually have an English bulldog in their home without flare-ups from their allergies provided the go through the steps below to help minimize their shed.

That said though, if you have strong allergies to dog fur then you may have to resort to using antihistamines to help minimize the chance of any issues with your allergies. We are now going to be taking a more in-depth look at the various steps that you are able to take to help you decrease your bulldog shedding. We feel that the majority of our readers will likley be fine with just implementing the first two tips but some people may want to try and implement all four methods.

Dealing With Your Bulldogs Shedding

As we touched on, bulldogs do not have issues with excessive shedding naturally but their moderate shed release can usually be reduced to help ensure that you are able to keep your home clean and tidy with ease or reduce any potential issues with allergies to dogs. In our opinion, the best way to reduce any issues with your bulldog shedding is to implement regular grooming and brushing of your dog.

Provided that you, make sure you are using a suitable de-shedding brush you can usually get excellent results with the coat of English bulldogs by brushing them once or twice a week for five minutes. Provided that you use a suitable de-shedding tool, you should easily be able to remove all of the old, damaged, or dead hair from your bulldogs coat without issue and put it all in the trash at once. This prevents the fur from being released around your home as your bulldog walks around your home each day making giving you a much easier job of managing their shed.

The majority of people who publish things on social media or online forums about how brushing their dog does little to nothing for their dog’s shedding are usually using an unsuitable dog brush. Our recommended de-shedding brush above has excellent reviews from the dog-owning community who use it with their own dogs due to it offering excellent results and performing flawlessly with helping to reduce your dogs shedding.

Although an English bulldog will likley sit or lay there happily and let you brush and groom it as required, some may not want to make the task so easy. Thankfully though, you can usually take some treat paste and put it inside of a Kong dog toy. Although it is not essential, we usually recommend that you freeze the toy with the treat paste in it the night before so it can hold your bulldogs attention for longer.

Our recommended treat paste has been designed specifically for use with dogs and engineered to make sure that they find it irresistible. As it is frozen inside of the kong toy it will hold your bulldogs focus and keep it still while you brush its coat to help collect the dead fur and minimize the hairs around your home from your dog’s shedding. This is a great little trick that you can use for clipping your dog’s nails too or anything else where you need your bulldog to stay still for a long period of time.

Take Advantage Of Deshedding Dog Shampoo For Your Bulldog

English bulldogs tend to respond well to being bathed with a decent Deshedding Dog Shampoo once a week as it can help to both improve the skin and coat of the breed to help deal with some of the common causes of bulldog shedding. Each de-shedding shampoo is slightly different and will work in a slightly different way to each other but our recommended shampoo for your dog is ideal for use to help with both natural shedding in your English bulldog as well as and parasitic infestations in its coat that may be causing some excessive shedding too.

Our recommended dogy de-shedding shampoo has the largest market share within the niche right now while having also earned an excellent reputation for itself due to it performing so well. On top of this, a large number of third-party dog owners have also chosen to publish their own independent reviews of the shampoo sharing their experiences too. These are well worth reading as they offer you some independent opinions on just how good these shampoos can be for helping to get your dogs shedding under control.

Although an English bulldog will likley let you bath it without issue, some dogs really don’t like bath time. Thankfully though, you can get very similar results by washing your dog in the yard or the garden with either buckets or water or a hosepipe and using the shampoo on them. If your dog does not like bathtime then this is a great alternative that your dog will probably be fine with while allowing you to try minimize the shedding of your bulldog at the same time.

These more modern de-shedding doggy shampoos have a great track record for helping to reduce the shedding of your dog and they are also very budget-friendly. It is usually worth trying them at least once to see if it has any effect on the shedding of your English bulldog as they usually start to show results and improvements in your dogs shedding in around a month after using it when bathing your dog just once per week.

Add A Natural Oil Based Supplement To Their Diet

This next tip is actually based around helping with one specific reason that English bulldogs shed, a lack of essential fatty acids in their food. Not only is this a surprisingly common cause of excessive shedding in an English bulldog but it is also an often overlooked cause due to so many people presuming that premium price point dog food will contain everything that their bulldog needs for a healthy life.

Although the brands that make the premium price point food mixes do their best to ensure that they come up with a recipe that will offer a ton of health benefits to your dog, after they add their lean protein and high vitamin and mineral veggies, there is often little room left for essential fats. This is usually due to fats being so high in calories and regulations often mandating that dog foods come in with a specific calorie count per serving. In the grand scheme of things, lean protein sources and healthy vegetables offer more health benefits than including the Omega 3 and Omega 6 acids as a deficiency in these is not the main cause of bulldog shedding.

Thankfully though, there are a number of doggy oil supplements that contain all the fatty acids that your English bulldog could ever need. This allows you to offer them the health benefits that many of the food brands are unable to add to their recipes and help reduce shedding and help your pet have a naturally healthy skin and coat. These supplements can help get the shedding of your bulldog back in order in as little as only two weeks so it is well worth trying. These oil supplements can also help to deal with some other issues that your bulldog may be suffering from too such as hot spots and dry skin.

Our Recommended

Tailored Dog Food!

Due to the price tags of specifically tailored dog foods reducing over the last few years, more and more people are starting to use a high quality tailored dog food with their pets. This allows you to quickly and easily make a tailored dog food unique to your dogs breed, age, and health requirements that will be shipped to you each month. Not only are these food options delicious, but they are also jam-packed with essential nutrients, and allow you to ensure that your dog is getting plenty of essential fatty acids to help with its excessive shedding.

Try Restricting The Time Your Dog Is Outdoors

The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) has started to release some early research that shows a link between a dog that sleeps outdoors and it having some excessive shedding issues but we are not sure how helpful that this tip will be to reduce your English bulldogs shed and improve your pets skin and coat as most people have their bulldog sleep indoors at night. The research is usually based around working dogs and although we doubt it will help many of our readers, we wanted to include it in our article as depending on your situation, you may be able to try it.

Why Do Bulldogs Shed

The bast majority of bulldog shedding is caused by hormones in the blood that are totally natural and tell your bulldog to shed any of the dead or old hairs in its coat. This is normal and all dogs do it and there is nothing we are able to do to totally stop it, the best option that we have available is to just manage it as best we can usually with regular brushing and bathing with a de-shedding shampoo.

The next most common reason that your bulldog may shed its coat is due to the deficiency in essential fatty acids that we covered above. Thankfully though, as we mentioned, adding a decent oil supplement that has been designed for dogs can turn this around quickly and show improvements in the coat and skin of your pet in as little as only two weeks.

The final cause and thankfully the least common is that there may be a parasite infestation in your pet’s coat. We always recommend that our readers seek assistance from their local vet if the think that this may be the reason for any increased shedding in their pet. Although there are some treatments that you can purchase from regular pet stores to treat parasites, some can be tricky so your local veterinarian will be able to offer specific advice for the parasite on your bulldogs skin and coat and offer prescription medication if required.


That brings our article going over the main causes and treatments for a bulldog shedding to an end. We hope that you have found our article to be helpful and that we will be able to help you minimize the shed from your pet as best as possible. Although bulldogs tend to only be moderate shedders, having fur left all over your home can be a pain and can also trigger allergies for some people too so these tips covered above are well worth trying out to see if they can improve your situation.