Do Cavapoos Shed + 4 Tips To Minimize Their Shedding Quickly!

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The cavapoo dog breed is steadily increasing in popularity and if the last three years are anything to go by, their popularity is only going to keep on increasing with them seeing almost exponential year on year growth. Just like the other breeds that have been dramatically increasing in popularity, we are constantly seeing people reaching out and asking a large number of questions about the cavapoo breed. One of the more popular questions that we have seen people asking is based around if cavapoos are hypoallergenic or if they shed a lot or not.

Due to seeing more and more people reaching out and asking these questions with each passing month, we have decided to dedicate this article to the subject. Our hope is that we will be able to help as many of our readers who are either considering adding a cavapoo to their family or have already got a cavapoo. We know that a large number of people worry about their dogs shed making it a nightmare to keep their home clean and some people have allergies to dogs too.

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a hypoallergenic dog breed and all dogs shed their fur and skin cells. This means that their hair and dander can still cause people issues with allergies but the cavapoos shed can be much lower than that of some other breeds. This is due to the breed being a descendent of the cavalier king charles spaniel and the poodle dog breeds and if your cavapoo inherits the poodle genes and gets a curly coat this can be very allergy-friendly.

Due to being one of the low-shedding breeds, a cavapoo breeder will often try to implement selective breeding to ensure that the puppies that they product will have the coat of a poodle rather than the cavalier king charles spaniel. This helps to maximize the chance of their pups having the poodle coat and drastically increasing the potential customer base of people who are looking for dogs with coats that shed minimally and that they can live with without having to use antihistamines.

Thankfully, there are a number of steps that you can take to help further reduce your cavapoos shed by a surprising amount. We will now be taking a more in-depth step at these different measures that you are able to implement to reduce the amount of shed of your dogs coat to further reduce the amount of cleaning required as well as the chance that a cavapoo may cause any dog allergies to flare up.

Dealing With Your Cavapoos Shedding

Although there are a few things that you can do to try and reduce your cavapoos shed level, in our opinion, regular brushing as part of a constant grooming regime is the best option and can offer excellent results. That said though, we see so many people using a regular brush that does little to nothing to help with the coat of a cavapoo so you have to make sure that you use a suitable de-shedding brush. These de-shedding brushes are cheap and make quick work of the curly coat of your cavapoo allowing you to get any shed hair in order quickly.

These specialists brushes are perfect with breeds like a cavapoo with a wavy coat and there they also remove the need resort to professional grooming too. On top of this, there’s no need to brush your cavapoo on a daily basis with these brushes either, between one and three times a week for around five minutes is usually enough to get the job done. Your goal is to brush your cavapoo coat and collect all of the shed at once so you are able to our it into the trash so it can’t fall out all-around your home.

We also have a quick trick that you will be able to use to your advantage too as we know a large amount of cavapoo dogs will rarely sit still and just let you brush their coats. You will need to get yourself a Kong dog toy and some peanut butter for dogs for optimal results and then you put some of the peanut butter in the Kong toy and freeze it overnight. The delicious peanut butter then keeps your dogs attention and helps to keep it sitting or laying still while you groom their coat.

If you do need to use this tip though, be sure to use doggy peanut butter, peanut butter designed for use with humans often contains Xylitol that should not be fed to dogs. These specialist doggy butters are free from Xylitol so don’t cause any digestive issues with your dog but as just as delicious and will help to keep your pet cavapoos attention while you brush them, often leaving you with plenty of time to spare after brushing too.

Take Advantage Of Deshedding Dog Shampoos With Your Cavapoo

More and more people are starting to use a Deshedding Dog Shampoo rather than a regular dog shampoo when bathing their dogs as they have come a long way over the last five years or so and are now very effective products that are very budget-friendly. Gone are the days where the doggy de-shedding shampoos on the market did little or nothing, these modern products have an excellent track record when it comes to their performance.

Our recommended shampoo has an outstanding reputation that just keeps on getting better and better as it gets more and more excellent, independent reviews from other dog owners. We have no doubt that implementing it into your grooming routine will help to reduce your cavapoos shed and help to improve the quality of your cavapoo coat.

We have seen countless reports from dog owners all over the world who use the shampoo while also brushing your cavapoo once or twice per week as covered earlier in the article and get great results. Although the cavapoo coat will usually nor shed much anyway when it comes to the fur, this can help to skyrocket the results when it comes to the dander result making these shampoos essential for anyone with allergies sensitive to a dogs dander.

Add A Natural Oil Based Supplement To Their Diet

Although the two methods above are based around helping you to manage the natural shedding of your cavapoo but this method is a direct counter to another common cause of shedding in dogs. One of the main reasons that the coat of your cavapoo can shed more than usual is due to a deficiency of Omega 3 and Omega 6 in its diet but thankfully, this is very easy to fix. Adding a decent oil suppliment to your cavapoos diet can turn this around in as little as only two weeks to help improve the condition of your dogs coat.

We often see people overlook this as the reason that their cavapoo may shed more than usual but it is much more common than you think. So many dog food brands are unable to include the required amounts of essential fatty acids in their recipes due to having to meet regulations when it comes to the number of calories in each serving of their food. After the lean protein and super healthy veggies are in, there’s little to no room left for essential fatty acids, unfortunately.

Our Recommended

Tailored Dog Food!

Due to the price tags of specifically tailored dog foods reducing over the last few years, more and more people are starting to use a high quality tailored dog food with their pets. This allows you to quickly and easily make a tailored dog food unique to your dogs breed, age, and health requirements that will be shipped to you each month. Not only are these food options delicious, but they are also jam-packed with essential nutrients, and allow you to ensure that your dog is getting plenty of essential fatty acids to help with its excessive shedding.

We have seen people think that they can get around this by using a more expensive dog food for their cavapoos but this is not the case. Fats contain nine calories per gram were as both carbs and protein contain only 4 making it a pain for even the premium price point foods on the market being able to get enough fats in. This is why more and more people are starting to supplement their dog’s diet with an oil suppliment as they are so cheap and effective.

The also offer a number of additional health benefits for your pet cavapoo too ranging from helping with hot spots and dry skin to being able to reduce the effects of some allergies in your dog and helping with a number of digestive issues too. Due to the low price and ease of use, they are well worth trying, even if you just try a thirty-day course to see if you can see any benefits in your dog.

Try Restricting The Time Your Dog Is Outdoors

We are just going to quickly skim over this next one as we doubt that it is really applicable for most people with a cavapoo. The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) has started doing research into the correlation between a dog releasing an increased amount of shed and sleeping inside of the home. Their initial research suggests that bring a dog inside that sleeps outside may help to reduce the shedding and fur release from your dogs coat in as little as six months.

As the majority of people tend to treat their cavapoo as more of a lap dog rather than a work dog they will likley have them sleep inside anyway. We just wanted to include this in our article as more and more research is being released to show this correlation. That said though, there is still a large amount of research to be done to try and improve on reasons to why this will happen and like we said, very few people will have their cavapoo sleep outside anyway.

Why Do Cavapoos Shed

The main reason that a cavapoo will shed its coat is due to the natural hormones found in its blog that tell your dogs coat to release any hairs that are dead or damaged. This is the main reason that all breeds shed and there is nothing that we are able to do to control it. Our only real option as a cavapoo owner is to try and manage it with the steps covered in step one and two of our article. People are always surprised by how much of a difference simple brushing and bathing can make when it comes to the shed of your cavapoo.

As we touched on earlier in the article, the second most common reason that your cavapoos coat may shed more than usual is down to a lack of Omega 3 in their diet and to some extend, Omega 6 too. As we mentioned earlier in the article, you can usually fix this quickly be adding some oil supplements for dogs to your cavapoos diet in as little as 2 weeks. The final reason is usually down to parasites and if you think that your cavapoo may have parasites then we would highly recommend that you take it to your local vets for professional advice.


That brings our article sharing our tips and tricks for dealing with your cavapoos shed as well as answering the question “Do cavapoos shed” to a close. We hope that our tips will help you reduce the amount of shed released from your cavapoo coat and help to prevent you from having any allergic reactions to your dog. If you are one of the people who prefer to keep your home as clean and tidy as possible then out tips and tricks above can also help you keep the fur of your cavapoo in order and massively reduce the amount of time you need to spend cleaning your home.