Do Frenchies Shed + 4 Tips To Manage Their Shedding!

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The french bulldog dog breed is seeing constant growth with more and more people adding a franchise to their families with each passing year. The breed is so popular in fact that breeders are actually struggling to keep up with the demand for french bulldogs in North America and Europe due to so many people wanting to add a family to their family. Thankfully though, we have noticed a huge increase in the number of people who are reaching out about french bulldogs and asking questions based on making sure that they are able to provide them with the best care possible.

Although we have seen an absolute ton of questions about the breed, we are seeing more and more people specifically reach out and ask about french bulldog shedding as well as the various ways that you are able to manage it easily. Due to this, we have decided to publish this article going over how you are able to manage the shed release of your french bulldog’s coat and minimize the clean up in your home as well as the chance of any allergies to dogs flaring up.

As you can probably guess, french bulldogs do shed and although no dog breed is truly hypoallergenic, depending on the severity of anyone allergies to dogs in your household, with proper management of their coat as we will cover below, many people can have a french bulldog in their home without having any issues with their allergies. On top of this, many people like to keep their homes as clean and tidy as possible too and implementing the tips below can help reduce the amount of dead hair that your dog will shed around your home helping you keep everything hair free with ease.

Due to their coat, french bulldog don’t usually shed much hair as some other dog breeds but they do shed a low amount year-round and some franchise can also have one or two seasonal spikes in shedding each year too. This seasonal spike is not as bad as something like a husky and usually temporarily increases their shed release to a moderate amount but again, the tips and tricks below can help with this.

Dealing With Your French Bulldogs Shedding

Although there are a few things that you are able to implement with your french bulldog to reduce its shedding, in our opinion, the best, and most effective option for the majority of people will be to simply implement a strict brushing and grooming schedule and stick to it. This does not have to be daily brushing and there is some research out there that actually suggests that daily brushing of your dogs coat can actually increase shedding. One or if your french bulldog suffers from excessive shedding, two brushing sessions of around five minutes each per week can result in a drastic reduction in the amount of shed your bulldog’s coat will release.

One thing that we want to point out and in our opinion, the main area where people go wrong when it comes to controlling their dogs shedding with regular grooming and brushing is that they will use an unsuitable tool such as a regular brush. The normal dog brushes are designed from making your dogs coat look neat and tidy and cleaning it, you will require a suitable de-shedding brush to reduce your dogs shedding via brushing. Thankfully though, these modern de-shedding tools are not very expensive and are often a similar price to a regular brush and our recommended de-shedding tool of choice has a huge number of excellent reviews online from other dog owners that use it too.

Not only does regularly grooming your french bulldogs coat with one of these tools help to keep your dogs coat clean and healthy but it also removes as much dead hair as possible. The majority of the shed that your frenchies coat will release it dead, old, or damaged hair and these specialist de-shedding brushes do a great job of quickly removing it all from your dogs coat with ease. You are then able to put it in the trash as required after removing it all at once to prevent it from randomly being left around your home as your dog moves around.

We know that some french bulldogs can be a little…..energetic and may not sit still for even five minutes for you to be able to groom their coats so you may be able to use this little tip to help get your dog to stay in one place long enough to brush it. You will need a Kong dog toy and some treat paste for optimal results and although putting the treat paste in the toy and then freezing it is not essential, it is beneficial and can make the process much easier. You basically freeze the Kong toy the night before brushing your french bulldog and then give it to your dog when it is time to brush.

The taste and smell of the treat paste will hold your dogs attention for plenty of time for you to brush their coat due to being frozen in place and the shape of the kong toy making it harder to get to the treat. In addition to reducing your french bulldog shedding you can also use this same trick to keep your dog in one place for other maintenance tasks such as clipping their nails so it is well worth trying.

Take Advantage Of A Deshedding Dog Shampoo With Your French Bulldog

Although the initial deshedding dog shampoos that were released onto the market offered little to no benefit when it comes to reducing the amount of fur released from your french bulldog’s coat, these more modern shampoo products that have been released over the last five years or so can be underrated. We would highly recommend that you at least try a high-quality Deshedding Dog Shampoo with your french bulldog to see if it offers any benefits to your dog over the course of a month or so.

Our recommended produced linked above not only has a proven track record of being able to help with common causes of excessive shedding but it can also help with other issues such as sensitive skin and hot spots too. Over the last five years or so since it was released onto the market, it has gone from strength to strength too and now has one of the best reputations amongst the community with a huge number of excellent reviews from other dog owners.

The different shampoos on the market work in slightly different ways and help to combat any french bulldog shedding in slightly different ways so always read the label of the shampoo you decide to try. At the time of writing, our recommended de-shedding shampoo can be used as often as once per week when bathing your dog or as little as once per month and still show positive results and a reduction in the shedding of your dog.

We know that some frenchies are not the biggest fans of bath time but thankfully, these shampoos deliver results if you wash your dog out in the garden or yard with a bucket of water or a hose. This can often be a quick, easy, and effective workaround to having your dog in the bath if it does not like the process while still allowing you to reduce the amount of shed that your pet french bulldogs coat will release.

Add A Natural Oil Based Supplement To Their Diet

We have lost count of the number of people who own dogs and see a sudden increase in shedding due to their dog having a deficiency of essential fatty acids in their diet. A large number of dog owners will folk out for the more expensive dog food brands but unfortunately, due to regulation in the industry restricting the calorie count that each serving of dog food can contain, even some of the more expensive dog food on the market can lack the Omega 3 and Omega 6 that your dog requires.

This is often due to lean protein sources and vitamin-packed fruit and vegetables being prioritized as they offer more health benefits to your dog when looking at the big picture and the calorie regulations leaving little to no room for the higher calorie content of fats. Thankfully though, there are some quick and easy fixes to this that help to ensure that your dog is getting plenty of Omega 3 and Omega 6 in its diet to help improve is skin and coat naturally and help reduce your french bulldog shedding.

In our opinion, the best option for most dog owners will be able to get tailored dog food that meets the specific requirements of their dog. Thankfully, these custom options have become much more competitive when it comes to price and some of them are at similar price points to some of the standard dog food options now. The process is quick and easy and you can get a dog food shipped to you each month that has been made from scratch from the best possible ingredients that is specific to its breed, age, and needs helping to ensure that your dog is getting all of the essential fatty acids that it requires to help deal with its shed issues.

Another popular option for french bulldog shedding is to stick with the current dog food option that you use but add an oil supplement for dogs to their food to help increase the amount of essential fatty acids in your dog’s diet. In addition to being able to help deal with any shed issues in your french bulldog, they also offer a number of other health benefits such as dealing with dry skin, hot spots, skin bumps, a dull coat, and various allergies.

Try Restricting The Time Your Dog Is Outdoors

The final tip that you may be able to implement to help combat your french bulldog shedding is to bring your dog indoors to sleep at night. The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) is publishing more and more research showing a correlation between a dog sleeping outdoors at night and having an increased level of shedding. As a french bulldog is usually kept as more of a lapdog rather than a working dog, this tip may not be a realistic option for many of our readers due to their french bulldog sleeping inside at night anyway.


That brings our article going over the common causes of french bulldog shedding and what we feel are the easiest ways to manage the condition to a close. The steps that we have covered above can do an excellent job of reducing the amount of dead hair that your frenchies will shed around your home helping to keep your home as clean as possible and drastically reduce the chances of you having any allergies to your french bulldogs shedding too.