Do Guinea Pigs Sleep With Their Eyes Open?

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Guinea pigs are some of the most common pets that people take in. Due to their size, calmness, and relatively easy upkeep, they can be kept in small apartments and by people who work a lot. They are also very cuddly and cute, which makes them fantastic pets bot for adults and children. What’s more, there is a number of interesting things about guinea pigs that you might want to know. For example, have you ever noticed that your guinea pig looks as if it sleeps with its eyes open?

So, do guinea pigs sleep with their eyes open? Yes, they do. In fact, guinea pigs rarely close their eyes. This is due to the fact that they are rodents and their nature is to always be on alert no matter what. After all, guinea pigs are prey animals and they need to be vigilant in case predators come in. By choosing to sleep with their eyes open, these animals ensure that they have appropriate time to react when noticing danger. It is simply one of their survival tactics.

Nevertheless, there is a lot more you should know about your guinea pig and their sleep schedule – even though these rodents do not keep their eyes closed.

How Do I Know If My Guinea Pig Is Sleeping?

Since guinea pigs sleep with their eyes open, it might be hard to tell if they are asleep. These animals also rarely have their eyes closed, which can be hard to imagine for us. In fact, there is no special way to tell if your guinea pig is asleep. These rodents tend to take short naps throughout the day and you might not even notice. What’s more, they are very alert all the time so even if they are asleep, they might wake up very quickly if they hear or see something.

One way you can determine if a guinea pig is sleeping is when it goes into its hut or lies on a blanket. These animals like comfortable spaces and tend to sleep in them since they feel safer there. Moreover, guinea pigs might yawn when getting tired, which can be a sign that your pet wants to fall asleep. When asleep, their breaths will also even out and become more regular, which is another way you can tell if they are sleeping.

On top of that, a guinea pig might snore, which is definitely a good way to tell whether your piggy is asleep. Although it will never have its eyes closed, guinea pigs – just like humans – can have septum issues, which means that they might snore or breathe heavily when they are asleep. As a result, this is a very interesting way to determine when your pet is sleeping.

You can also tell that your piggy is asleep if it does not react to any sounds or you passing by the cage. Although guinea pigs are always on high alert, sometimes they might become truly comfortable and safe around you and in your house. This, in turn, will make them less jumpy and relaxed as opposed to reacting to every sound in your home as if it was a predator. Furthermore, if you see your piggy not react to any sounds, don’t panic. It might simply mean that your pet is sleep and not that something is wrong with it. First, always check for signs of breathing before starting to worry – guinea pigs are very peaceful looking when asleep.

Do Guinea Pigs Like To Sleep In The Dark?

As you may know, your guinea pig does not see well in the dark. However, they can navigate their surroundings especially when they are familiar with them. Hence, it is important not to change your piggy’s cage or terrarium too often as it might confuse it. What’s more, a guinea pig relies mostly on its sense of smell as well as hearing in order to locate various things at night.

When it comes to sleeping, a guinea pig definitely prefers to sleep in the dark. That is why when these pets take their naps during the day, they prefer to hide in the hut or behind other things. In addition to that, if you can provide your guinea pig with a dark and secure spot in their cage, then it will be able to sleep for a longer interval and get more rest in one go. This stems from the fact that guinea pigs are prey animals and prefer to hide in safety when they sleep.

Since guinea pigs sleep with their eyes open and rarely close their eyes, they prefer darker surroundings for sleeping since it does not irritate their eyes. It also helps them since it enhances their other sense, such as hearing, which makes guinea pigs more alert to predators around them. On top of that, sleeping in the dark also strengthens their sense of smell, which helps them in detecting dangerous animals around them as well as feel safe if they smell something familiar.

Do Guinea Pigs Sleep A Lot?

Even though you might think so, guinea pigs do not sleep too much. They take frequent naps throughout the day and sometimes a little at night. They are relatively small creatures so they do not require too much rest and actually are quite energetic.

As a result, guinea pigs spend lots of time awake and playing around. These small rodents are prey animals, which also contributes to their interesting sleep pattern. In the wild, they cannot allow themselves to sleep too much and not pay attention to their surroundings. Hence, guinea pigs do not sleep and lot and keep their eyes open at all times.

Due to that, your guinea pig might seem like it never sleeps, but it is not true – these pets simply have a different sleep schedule than us and do not require that much rest. On top of that, even though the answer to the question, “Do guinea pigs sleep with their eyes open?” is yes, in reality, these pets rarely do sleep.

Are Guinea Pigs Nocturnal?

Just like the majority of rodents, guinea pigs are nocturnal. They tend to sleep during the day and be very active during the night. That is also why you can often hear hamsters, guinea pigs, and mice running around in their cages at night. In this sense, guinea pigs are similar to cats, spending the majority of their night actively.

In addition to that, certain guinea pigs might not be fully nocturnal. All of your pet’s behaviors do not depend solely on its breed, but also its specific personality. Hence, always take that into account when determining whether your pet is nocturnal or not completely.

In fact, some researches show that guinea pigs may not be nocturnal, but simply creatures of habit. They learn when they are being fed, when they should sleep, and when it is time to play. As a result, these creatures have a specific pattern that they establish throughout their lives – and one piggy might sleep more during the day, whereas another prefers sleeping at night. Therefore, it is important to observe your own guinea pig and its habits.

Can Guinea Pigs Sleep With Their Eyes Closed?

Even though generally a guinea pig prefers to sleep with its eyes open, some individual piggies do close their eyes when sleeping. The more comfortable your guinea pig becomes in their surroundings and with you around, the more likely the piggies are to close their eyes during sleep.

A guinea pig is a prey animal, hence it always needs to be ready to protect itself. This is instinctual for a guinea pig and is hard to change. Additionally, some guinea pigs will never close their eyes when sleeping – it is simply in their natures. guinea pigs, just like all pets, have different personality traits, and sleeping with their eyes open is affected by these traits.

If you are concerned, however, that your guinea pigs sleep with their eyes open, there are certain things you can do. Occasionally, the fact that guinea pigs sleep with their eyes open can mean that they feel insecure. The basic reason behind them keeping their eyes open is to be on a lookout for any potential danger. Hence, you can try to make their cages or terrariums more comfortable by placing a cozy hut, blanket, or creating a small dark space for your piggy to hide in when it feels stressed. This, in turn, can help you ensure that your guinea pigs will close their eyes and relax in your house.


Generally speaking, guinea pigs are nocturnal animals. What’s more, they are prey animals, which makes them very cautious of the environment they are in. As a result, they sleep with their eyes open in order to protect themselves and be aware of any predators approaching them. A guinea pig will rarely have its eyes open, but that is nothing to be worried about. It is just your piggy’s nature.