Do Huskies Shed And Tips To Help You Get It Under Control Easily!

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Huskies have seen a massive increase in popularity over the last decade or so with the breed seeing almost exponential growth in a number of countries making the breed one of the top ten most popular dogs to own. There are no signs of this growth in popularity slowing down anytime soon and if anything, it looks like it may actually increase as we are seeing more and more questions from existing husky owners as well as people looking to add a Siberian husky to their family.

Due to the massive popularity of the breed, we always see a wide range of questions being asked about huskies but over the last month or so, we have noticed more and more people specifically asking questions based around “Do huskies shed?” as well as asking for a number of tips and tricks to help get their pets shedding under control. Due to this, we have decided to make this the main focus of today’s article and go over how you are able to keep your huskies shedding under control with ease.

Now, before we go any further into the article, we just want to quickly confirm that yes, your husky will shed, all Siberian huskies do and it is totally natural for the breed. Although they shed a mild amount year round, the breed has two seasonal spikes where they amount of shedding they do drastically increases. Although most people will be able to get away with brushing their husky once a week during their annual shedding and two or three times a week during their seasonal shedding spikes, this can be a pain if you suffer from allergies to dogs.

Although antihistamines can usually be used to help keep your allergies under control, you are able to use the following methods to try and help minimize the amount of shed that your husky will deposit around your home and minimize the chance of allergy flare-ups. We have organized each of the methods in descending order to list them from most effective to least effective at keeping your allergies under control as well as minimizing the potential clean up of your dog’s coat that has shedded.

Dealing With Your Huskies Shedding

Although there are a number of tips and tricks online that can help you get your huskies shedding under control, we feel that there is no better option than simply using a suitable de-shedding brush and brushing your huskies coat for five to ten minutes, one to three times a day depending on the shedding level of your husky. Although we constantly see people reaching out and saying that they have tried grooming their huskies previously only for the process to fail, the vast majority of the times that we see this is usually down to using an unsuitable brush.

Due to the extremely thick coat of a Siberian husky that has been bred to work in extremely cold temperatures, a regular grooming brush will simply not cut it. Thankfully though, the price tags for suitable de-shedding brushes has come down over the years and they are now almost as cheap as a regular bush. These specialist brushes make light work of your huskies thick, double coat and allow you to rapidly collect the majority of its shed all at once.

If you do have allergies to dogs then this really can make your life so much easier, although your husky will constantly shed year round, the thick coat of the breed is able to often catch large amounts of the shed and hold it. This prevents it from randomly falling to the ground all around your home, provided you brush your huskies coat at least once a week, you can usually collect most of the shed with ease to help get it out of your dogs coat prior to it working its way out and falling around your home and then put it directly into the bin.

Now, if you already own a husky rather than just thinking of adding one to your family, you are probably thinking that its going to be a nightmare for your to keep your husky still even for five to ten minutes to let you brush its coat and deshed it. Thankfully though, we have a little trick that you are able to use to your advantage that is very easy and can keep your husky occupied with ease to allow you to brush it.

Essentially, all you need to do is to get your husky a Kong dog toy that it will probably enjoy playing with anyway, but the main part of the trick is to also pick up some high quality treat paste to help keep your huskies attention. You simply put some of the treat paste inside of the kong toy and then give it to your husky to play with. The delicious taste of the paste and its extremely sticky nature helps to keep your husky focused on the Kong toy while it tries to get the treat paste.

This method is so effective that we have seen multiple reports of other people doing similar tricks to help keep their husky stationery to allow them to clip their dog’s nails or for any other task that may otherwise be a pain due to huskies being such an active and inquisitive dog.

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Deshedding Brush For Huskies

If any of our readers are looking to quickly and easily get their pet huskies shedding under control then we would highly recommend that you consider adding the FURminator Undercoat Deshedding Tool to your pet grooming accessories. It is without a doubt the best deshedding brush on the market by a long shot and has managed to earn itself an excellent reputation amongst the community. Since its release, the tool has also managed to earn an absolute ton of excellent reviews from dog owners including a large number of other husky owners too.

Take Advantage Of Deshedding Dog Shampoo

Next up, we have the use of a deshedding dog shampoo that can actually have a surprising effect on the amount of shed that a husky will discard. That said though, although the results can vary extremely widely depending on the actual shampoo that you use, our recommended deshedding dog shampoo has a great track record and offers some of the best performance possible. It is also very simple to use and you can implement it into your huskies regular routein by using it when you bath your husky as often as once a week.

Our recommended shampoo not only helps to reduce shedding in huskies but it also comes with a ton of essential fatty acids and extracts to help promote a healthy skin and coat on your husky too. Although you can get solid results when trying to minimize the shedding of a husky bu just brushing it as we covered above, if your husky does shed heavily or if you have severe dog allergies then it can definitely help to implement a deshedding shampoo with regular brushing too.

Again though, this method does have its issues as some huskies hate bathtime and can make the task extremely difficult. Unfortunately, there is little you can do if your husky is not a big fan of a bath time but one workaround that we have seen people implement is to simply use a garden hose and wash your husky in the garden or yard. We have seen some people say that using the Kong dog toy trick that we covered above to make the process even quicker and easier. The garden hose method will depend on the outdoor temperature in the area you live though so it does have its own limitations too.

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Deshedding Shampoo For Huskies

Although there are a number of deshedding shampoos on the market, many do little to nothing to help with your huskies shedding and are usually a waste of time and money. Thankfully though, FURminator deShedding Ultra Premium Dog Shampoo is an absolute godsend and has the proven ability to help you quickly and easily help you get your huskies shedding under control. It has a large number of glowing reviews from the dog-owning community and the best reputation of all deshedding shampoos on the market right now.

Try Restricting The Time Your Dog Is Outdoors

In our opinion, this is the least effective method at helping to stop your husky from shedding but we wanted to include it as there is more and more research coming in from the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) that does suggest that restricting the time that your dog spends outdoors may help reduce shedding. Now, there really are not that many studies to back this up yet but depending on your situation and where you husky sleeps as well as a few other things, this may be something that you are able to impliment so we decided to include it in our article.

That said though, just to be clear, this is simply restricting the time your dog is outside, not stopping it all together. You are still able to take your husky for its regular walks and let it play in the yard or garden as it wishes. The early research sees more of a correlation between dogs sleeping outside and then being brought to sleep indoors more than anything so you may be able to implement this into your own dogs situation and see some benefit.

Getting Your Husky A Hair Cut

Due to the husky coat being so thick, many people who own a husky will opt to take their dog to a professional dog groomers to have it cut and styled, if you do live in a warmer location then this can be essential in the warmer months to help keep your dog comfortable. One thing that we do want to point out is that having your huskies coat will not help to stop it shedding in anyway. We have seen a large number of dog owners who think that their dogs shed due to their coat being too long or due to their dog being too warm but they shed due to naturally occurring hormones in their blood.

As we touched on earlier, this may actually increase the amount of shed from your husky that ends up deposited around your home from your husky due to the thick coat being shorter and not being able to catch and trap the shed. If you do have allergies to dogs then this may make your condition flare-up more often due to more dog shed being around your home on a regular basis. If you do live in a colder location and your can leave your huskies coat at its regular length and do have allergies then not cutting your huskies coat is probably going to be the easier option.

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Husky Coat Clippers

Rather than having to fork out each month for a professional dog groomer, more and more dog owners are choosing to clip their dog’s coat in the comfort of their own home. In our opinion, the ease of use and low price point of the Ceenwes Dog Clippers make them the obvious option for anyone who is looking to quickly and easily clip their huskies coat themselves. They have a number of great independent reviews online too that have been published by other dog owners that you can read to see just how easy it is to clip your dog’s hair with the clippers.

Why Do Huskies Shed

As we mentioned earlier in the article, your husky shed its coat due to a naturally occurring hormone in its blood that we are unable to do anything about. The hormone naturally spikes in the breed twice per year and is why husky owners see that seasonal increase in the amount of shedding that their per goes through. As we mentioned above, this has nothing to do with the current length of your huskies coat or the average temperature of your husky while throughout the day as a suprising number of people think.

In addition to this natural shedding, there are a few medical conditions as well as parasite issues that can cause your husky to shed. If you think that your husky may be shedding due to either of these reasons then we would highly recommend that you seek assistance from your local veterinarian as soon as possible. They will be able to provide you with a specific diagnosis for your huskies shedding and prescribe you the best treatment possible for moving forward.

That said though, this is definitely in the minority of cases and the majority of shedding that your pet husky will do will likely be down to the hormone in its blood and be totally natural. This is where the methods that we have covered throughout the article come into play and allow you to help control the shedding of your husky and try to keep the situation under control as best you can.