Do Labradoodles Shed And How You Can Easily Control It!

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As we have mentioned in a few articles that we have published over the last month or so, the labradoodle dog breed is going from strength to strength with each passing month as more and more people decide to add a labradoodle to their family. Over the last three to five years, the breed has seen exponential growth year on year with reputable breeders struggling to keep up with the demand.

As you may guess though, with so many people adding a labradoodle to their family, we have noticed more and more people reaching out with a large number of different questions based on the breed. Although the questions vairy and cover pretty much everything that you could ever think of regarding the labradoodle, more and more people have specifically been asking things based around “Do labradoodles shed or not?”. Due to seeing this asked with increasing frequency with each passing month, we have decided to publish this dedicated article to try and offer our insight and help any of our readers in this situation.

In short, yes, your labradoodle will shed and it will shed year round while likely having at least one seasonal spike per year where shedding can drastically increase. We know that a large number of people think that labradoodles are hypoallergenic but this is not the case and in the strictest sense, no dog breed is truly hypoallergenic. That said though, the labradoodle is pretty much as close as you are going to get due to its unique coat.

Although a small number of labradoodles will take their coat from the labrador bloodline, most professional breeders will carry out selective breeding to try and ensure that pups have the highest chance possible of taking their coat from the poodle bloodline. As the vast majority of reputable labradoodle breeders will only retail pups that have three generations of labradoodle parents it is highly likley that any new pup you add to your family will have the poodle coat.

The poodle coat on the labradoodle is why so many people think that the labradoodle breed is hypoallergenic as it catches large amounts of their shed and traps it in the dog’s coat so it does not drop all over your home and cause any allergies to dogs to flare up. We have lost count of the number of reports from people who usually have issues with dog allergies saying that they are fine around their labradoodle and can have the pet in their home without having to use an antihistamine to keep their allergies in check too.

That said though, if you do have severe allergies then our recommended steps below can still be used to help minimize the chances of you having any allergy flare-ups while having a labradoodle in your home. On top of this, if you don’t have allergies, the first two recommendations can be worth doing just to reduce the amount of shed around your home and save you a bunch of time when it comes to clean up anyway.

Dealing With Your Labradoodle Shedding

In our opinion, the easiest way to help keep your labradoodles shedding under control is to use a suitable de-shedding brush on your dog once or twice a week to collect all of the discarded shed that is caught in its coat all at once. As we have mentioned above, your labradoodles coat will naturally catch a large amount of the shed and can hold it for a surprising amount of time before it works its way free and falls to the ground around your home.

Regular brushing and grooming can easily allow you to remove the shed from your labradoodles coat prior to it actually being able to work its way free and fall to the ground. Provided that you are using a suitable grooming tool, you can usually get the job done in five to ten minutes with ease and there is no need to do it more than once or twice per week. If your pet labradoodle is in its seasonal shedding spike then some dogs may need to be groomed three times a week to keep their shedding under control but this is rare.

Although most labradoodles tend to enjoy being brushed and groomed, some may not be willing to sit still for even five minutes to allow you to brush their coat. Thankfully though, there is a very simple and easy to use trick that you are able to use to your advantage that rarely fails to keep your pet dog still long enough to groom it. Simply get a Kong dog toy and some of their treat paste and put some of the treat paste inside of the kong toy and then give the toy to your labradoodle.

The vast majority of labradoodles seem to really enjoy the smell and taste of the treat paste so they tend to grab the Kong toy with their paws and lay on the ground licking away at the toy to get as much of the treat paste as possible. Due to being extremely sticky it will take a fair amount of time and effort for your dog to get all of the paste out of the Kong toy often allowing you to get your pet labradoodle fully brushed with plenty of time to spare. This trick can also be deployed for tasks such as clipping your dogs nails as well as anything else where you require your labradoodle to lay still for any period of time too.

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Labradoodle Grooming Brush

In our opinion, there is no better grooming brush available on the market right now for your pet labradoodle than the FURminator Undercoat Deshedding Tool. Not only does it perform flawlessly but it is also extremely easy to use and ensures that you are able to collect all of the shed from your pet labradoodle with ease. It keeps on going from strength to strength amongst the community with each passing month and also has a ton of independent reviews from the community going over how well it has performed for other dog owners too.

Take Advantage Of Deshedding Dog Shampoo

Although deshedding shampoos used to be a total waste of time and effort, there have been a number of new high-quality Deshedding Dog Shampoos released onto the market that offers excellent results and has made a deshedding shampoo a great tool to use to help control your labradoodles shedding. Although there are still a large number of low quality products on the market, out recommended deshedding shampoo not only helps to get your dogs shedding under control but also offers you some additional benefits too.

Due to the high quality, enriched Omega 3 and Omega 6 essential fatty acids, Calendula extracts, and Papaya extract the shampoo helps to promote a healthy skin and coat on your labradoodle too while also doing its primary job of helping with its shedding. Although using a deshedding shampoo once a week can help get your labradoodles shedding under control, we would always recommend that our readers also groom their labradoodle at least once a week too even if you are using one of these specialist shampoos too.

We know that some labradoodles really are not a fan of bath time and may make the process a pain but we have seen a number of dog owners say they take their dogs outside and use a hosepipe to wash their pets in the garden or yard. This can often be an easier way to bath your dog without it even knowing that it is being bathed and allowing you to apply the shampoo as required but this will depend on the outdoor temperature in the area where you live.

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Deshedding Shampoo For Your Labradoodle

In our opinion, the FURminator deShedding Ultra Premium Dog Shampoo leads the market when it comes to deshedding shampoos with very few competing shampoos being able to offer the same performance and results for its low price tag. It is very easy to use and can often provide you with some quick and easy results to help you get your labradoodles shedding under control. Being the market leader at the time of writing, it should come as no surprise that it also has a ton of outstanding reviews from the community going over their experiences with the shampoo too.

Getting Your Labradoodle A Hair Cut

A large number of dog owners seem to think that their dogs shed due to the length of their coat and their internal body temperature but this is not the case. The majority of the shedding that your dog does will be due to a natural hormone in its blood but some cases can be due to medical or nutritional issues. This is why we would not recommend that you take your pet labradoodle to a professional dog groomers to have its coat professionally styled if you are doing it just to try and reduce the shedding.

That said though, some people do prefer to have their dogs coats style for aesthetic reasons and if you are living in a warm area then many people who own a labradoodle have their dogs coats professionally cut to keep their dogs cool and comfortable. We just wanted to quickly include this in our article as we constantly see people asking why their dogs shedding has not stopped after having their coat cut to try and help any of our readers who were considering trying this path.

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Doggy Clippers For Your Labradoodle

If you do want to keep your labradoodles coat trimmed them it maybe an idea to look into getting a set of the Ceenwes Dog Clippers as they usually workout to be cheaper than one single session at a professional dog groomers. They are very easy to use and are able to quickly and easily get your dogs coat clipped to a length you like. In our opinion, they lead the market when it comes to doggy clippers and have an excellent reputation with plenty of great reviews that you can read too.

Try Restricting The Time Your Dog Is Outdoors

Although this is one of the newer methods, the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) has published some research to suggest that restricting the amount of time that your dog spends outdoors may help to reduce the amount of shedding it does. Now, this research is in its very early stages so we would recommend that our readers go with either of the methods covered above for optimal results.

On top of this, the American Animal Hospital Association is not suggesting that you keep your labradoodle indoors all day, every day. You can still take your dog out for its regular walks each day and let it play in the yard or garden as it wishes. The research is more based towards dogs who sleep outdoors and bringing them inside overnight so depending on your own personal circumstances, this may not be as actionable as the tips above either.

Why Do Labradoodles Shed

As we touched on earlier in the article, the vast majority of shedding from the labradoodle breed is down to hormones in its blood that trigger its coat to shed. Although there are some health and nutritional issues that can cause similar issues, these tend to make up the minority of shedding and if you do suspect that your labradoodle is shedding due to one of these issues then we would highly recommend that you seek advice from your local veterinarian for assistance.

All of the methods that we have covered in our article are based around the regular shedding that labradoodles do year-round with some seasonal spikes and is totally natural. Although we have seen a number of vitamin supplements for dogs that claim to be able to reduce shedding, these are largely based around increasing the Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids in your dog’s diet to help encourage natural and healthy coat growth. Although they may minimize shedding for some nutritional conditions, they tend to not do much towards the natural, hormonal shedding that your labradoodle will go through.