Do Rottweilers Shed – 4 Tips To Keep Shedding Under Control!

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Although rottweilers have been a popular dog breed for many years, they have seen some steady growth in their popularity over the last decade or so with more and more people opting to add a rottweiler to their family with each passing year. We doubt that this is going to change anytime soon either as we have noticed more and more people reaching out with each passing month asking various questions about rottweiler and how they are able to best care for them.

That said though, without a doubt, the most commonly asked question that we see asked is based around “Do rottweilers shed?” so we have decided to make this the focus of this article. We know that a large number of people can suffer from allergies and rottweilers are far from hypoallergenic as they are a double coat breed and shed a moderate amount year-round while also blowing their undercoat twice per year with seasonal shedding spikes in the spring and fall.

As the dogs shed a lot, we are hoping that our article will be able to help minimize the amount of short hair all around your home from your rottweiler to help prevent you from having any problems with allergies. In addition to this, implementing these tips can help to reduce the amount of cleaning that you have to do around your home to clean all of your rottweilers fur up anyway. Due to this, even if you do not have allergies to dogs, implementing our first two tips can be worth it just to keep your house cleaner and prevent your rottweilers coat shed from ending up all over your home.

If you do have allergies then you may be able to live with a rottweiler in your home without having flare-ups if you make sure you implement the two first times in our article but some people may require antihistamines to ensure that they keep their dogs shedding under control. We will not be taking a more in-depth look at how you are able to manage your rottweilers shed and minimize the amount of fur and dander that ends up around your home.

Dealing With Your Rottweilers Shedding

In our opinion, there is no better way to help anyone with allergies deal with their rottweiler shedding than to brush your rottweiler with a suitable de-shedding brush once or twice per week for five to ten minutes. As these dogs shed a lot when they blow out their double coat around the spring and fall for a few weeks, you may want to increase this to three times per week for five to ten minutes during the seasonal shedding spike.

This allows you to remove the majority of your rottweilers shed from their coat with regular grooming and the if you make sure that you are brushing your rottweiler with a suitable brush you can usually catch all the fur that is about to shed at once and put it in the bin. This then stops the fur from being deposited around your house and potentially triggering your allergies. Although this may seem like common sense, we have lost count of the number of dog owners who use an unsuitable brush for a double-coated breed with short hair and usually get nothing done. Always use a suitable brush with your rottweilers coat to control their shedding and the job becomes quick and easy.

Now, many people reach out and say that it is a nightmare to brush your rottweiler due to it being a pain to get your dog to stay still long enough for you to brush them. Thankfully, you are able to pick up a Kong dog toy as well as some peanut butter for dogs or some treat paste and use it to keep your dog still while you brush your rottweilers shed out of their coat.

Although there are a few ways to do this, we usually recommend that our readers put some of the peanut butter or treat paste into the kong toy and then leave it in your freezer overnight. You then give the kong toy with the frozen treat inside of it to your pet rottweiler and leave it to hold your dog’s attention. Due to the delicious treat inside of the kong toy being frozen, it can take a long time for your rottweiler to be able to get it out allowing you to usually brush your rottweilers shed out of their coat with ease while also having plenty of time to spare.

On top of this, we would always recommend that our readers go with a peanut butter that has been specifically designed for use with dogs. Peanut butter that has been made for human consumption usually has Xylitol in it that has been liked to a number of issues in dogs and is not worth the risk of using in our opinion.

Take Advantage Of Deshedding Dog Shampoo For Your Rottweiler

Another thing that you are able to implement with your rottweiler is to start using a good Deshedding Dog Shampoo during bath time once a week. Although the first few deshedding shampoos that were released onto the market were a total waste of time in our opinion, the newer ounces are worth trying with some having excellent results. Our recommended shampoo linked above has a massive market share due to performing so well while also having managed to earn itself a whole bunch of excellent reviews from dog owners since its release.

Although these shampoos can help deal with the natural shed of your rottweiler, they can also help to deal with any parasites that may be in your dogs coat too. Although a rarer reason for your pet rottweiler to shed, parasites can cause an increase in the condition and some of the deshedding shampoos can also help to deal with them. In addition to this, they also help to keep your rottweilers coat in a healthy condition too. This can be a godsend for any double coat dog breeds and help to minimize the amount of shedding that your rottweiler will do too.

Although we feel that regular brushing and grooming is usually the best option, it is well worth trying some of these specialist deshedding dog shampoos as they newer ones to market have excellent reputations amongst the community and can work wonders. For even better results, you can use both the shampoo and regular grooming to help further minimize the shedding of your pet rottweiler too.

Add A Natural Oil Based Supplement To Your Rotties Diet

Now, we always see dog owners instantly discount that their pet rottweilers sudden shed increase could be due to nutritional deficiencies but this is surprisingly common. Due to the majority of the premium price point dog foods on the market rightly prioritizing lean protein sources and healthy veggies, they have to reduce the fat content in their food mix. This often means that the better dog food options for rottweilers with the higher lean protein sources will likely have a lack of essential Omega 3 and Omega 6 oils.

This is why so many people supplement their rottweilers diet with a good oil suppliment to help top up their dogs essential fatty acid intake to help offer a number of health benefits. This is a common issue with the vast majority of dog food on the market but thankfully it is such an easy fix and you can help rebalance the Omega 3 and Omega 6 intake of your rottie and see an improvement in shedding in as little as two weeks.

Our Recommended

Tailored Dog Food!

Due to the price tags of specifically tailored dog foods reducing over the last few years, more and more people are starting to use a high quality tailored dog food with their pets. This allows you to quickly and easily make a tailored dog food unique to your dogs breed, age, and health requirements that will be shipped to you each month. Not only are these food options delicious, but they are also jam-packed with essential nutrients, and allow you to ensure that your dog is getting plenty of essential fatty acids to help with its excessive shedding.

In addition to this, topping up your rottweilers intake of essential fatty acids can also help to deal with other common issues such as a dull coat, hot spots, dry skin, and some allergies in your dog too as well as some common digestive issues. If you do think that your rottweiler has started to shed more than usually, especially if you have started using a new primary main food source for your dog then this is well worth trying.

That said though, we just want to quickly point out that although this may help deal with the natural causes of shedding in your dog, it is more of a specific treatment for rottweilers who are shedding due to having a lack of Omega 3 and Omega 6 in their diet. This helps your dogs natural production of a healthy coat reduce the shed that they will do year round and can help reduce shedding by a surprising amount considering how easy the treatment is.

Try Restricting The Time Your Dog Is Outdoors

A rottweiler is one of the few breeds that may be sleeping outside on a regular basis due to the breed being so commonly used as guard dogs. The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) has recently published some early research into a link between a dog sleeping outside and it tending to shed more than usual. Although this is in its very early stages, there is definitely a correlation, and doing something as simple as bringing your pet rottweiler indoors to sleep may help reduce the amount of shedding that it will do.

That said though, this can defeat the purpose of having your rottweiler as a guard dog so you are going to have to take all factors into consideration. In addition to this, the methods that we have covered above tend to have a much higher success rate anyway and will help to reduce the shed of your rottweiler and its coat anyway. We just wanted to include this in our article as there is definitely a correlation between the shed of a dog and it sleeping outdoors on a regular basis.

Why Do Rottweilers Shed

There are three main reasons that a rottweiler will shed with the most common one being the natural hormones in the dog’s blood that tell it to start shedding any old or damaged hairs in its coat. This is totally natural and there is nothing that anyone is able to do about it and all dogs have this same process in them. These hormones spike in your rottweilers blood twice each year and is the reason that rottweilers have a spike in seasonal shedding.

As we have touched on above, some rottweiler may be shedding due to a nutritional efficiency of the essential fatty acids in your dog’s diet. As we have pointed out above though, this tends to be an easy fix and adding a good oil suppliment to your dogs diet can often turn this around in as little as two weeks. This third main cause that your dog may be shedding is due to having parasites in its coat and we always recommend that you seek assistance from your local veterinarian for this one as some parasites require prescription-strength medication to get them out of your dog’s coat.


That brings our article going of the question “do rottweilers shed?” to an end. We hope that the tips that we have covered throughout the article will help you get your dogs shedding under control but we still think that ensuring that you brush your rottweiler is going to be one of the better ways to manage your dogs shed and keep your house clean while also reducing the chance of you having allergies.