Do Shih Tzus Shed And Tips To Keep It Under Control!

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The shih tzu dog breed has been increasing in popularity relatively steadily over the last decade or so seeing steady growth and increases in popularity with each passing year. As with most things, with more and more people showing an increase in particular dog breeds, the number of questions from people reaching out and asking various questions about the breed increases too. We have seen a large number of different questions asked regarding the breed over the last few months but the main one that we are seeing asked with a steadily increasing frequency is based around shih tzu shedding and how to get it under control.

Due to this, we have decided to make this the feature of today’s article in an attempt to try and help as many of our readers as possible who may be considering adding a shih tzu to their family. One of the main reasons that we see so many people reaching out and asking about shih tzu shedding is due to so many people suggesting that shih tzus are hypoallergenic dogs. This is largely due shih tzu hair not triggering some allergies that people may have to the actual fur that other dog breeds have leading to potential allergic relations.

Although the fact that shih tzus actually have hair rather than food can reduce the flare-ups of some common dog allergies, you have to keep in mind that the breed is not fully hypoallergenic and that they are a double coat breed and the long coat on the shih tzu may trigger some allergies in some people. That said though, the shih tzu coat is definitely one of the best options if you do have allergies to come dogs as it does not trigger as many allergies as regular dog fur can.

This can lead to many people being able to have a shih tzu in their home and go about their daily business without having any of the symptoms of an allergic ration that they may have with other breeds. On top of this, many of these people also report that shih tzu shed is so allergy-friendly that they do not need to use antihistamines while having the breed in their home too.

That said though, there are definitely a number of steps that you are able to take to better control your shih tzus shed and help further reduce the risk of the breed causing your allergies to flare-up. We will not be taking a more in-depth look at these various tips and tricks that you are able to implement to try and help our readers keep their shih tzus shed under control.

Take Advantage Of A Good Brush

In our opinion, the best way to get your shih tzus shedding under control as quickly as possible it to take advantage of a suitable de-shedding brush and take to brushing or grooming your pet shih tzu on a regular basis. This allows you to quickly and easily collect large amounts of your shih tzus shed all at once to prevent it from being deposited around your home as your shih tzu goes about its daily routine.

Not only does this help to prevent allergy flare-ups but it also reduces the time required when cleaning your home to collect all of the deposited shed. There is no need to brush your shih tzu daily as once or twice per week can easily be enough to get the maximum effect out of the process and help control your shih tzu shedding problem. This method can work for both a shih tzu puppy as well as a fully grown shih tzu shedding with its full adult coat making it the obvious option for our readers.

In addition to this, the shih tzu dog breed has been known to have issued with its long coat getting matted depending on what it gets up to on its daily protein. This can end up leading to issues due to it being one of the double coat dog breeds so regular brushing and grooming of your shih tzu hair can offer the additional benefit of helping to prevent any matting of its coat and make sure that your dog is not having issues with this common problem too.

Although there are no truly hypoallergenic dogs, regular brushing of your shih tzu is probably going to be as close as you are going to get. Now, we know that some of our readers may be thinking that getting their shih tzu to sit still for five to ten minutes to allow you to brush it will be a total nightmare. Thankfully, we have a little trick that share with you if you are in this situation that we feel will help hold your shih tzus attention and allow you to groom away as required.

The trick is based around you getting yourself a Kong dog toy and some treat paste to distract your dog and keep it still while you brush it to called its shed. We know that this sounds very simple and in all honesty, it is but the fact remains that it works and can hold your pet shih tzu in place for well over ten minutes. Our recommended treat paste is not only very tasty to make your shih tzu want it but it is also very sticky meaning that it will have to work to get it out of the kong toy.

Take Advantage Of A Deshedding Dog Shampoo

As we mentioned above, regular grooming of your shih tzu can often be enough to minimize the chance of any potential allergies flaring up due to the coat of the shih tzu dog breed but you can take this one step further to potentially bring your shih tzu shedding as close to zero as possible. Although there have been a few shampoos that promised to reduce your dog shed for years now, until recently, they were almost all a total waste of time and money.

Thankfully though, there are shampoo products on the market that have an excellent track record of being able to reduce the shed of your dog. Our recommended shampoo linked above has the best reputation, largest marketshare, and a ton of independent reviews that you can read if you wish. If has a proven track record of being able to help reduce the amount of shed that a dog will release year-round and may be able to help you with your shih tzu.

The shampoo offers results even with a dog breed like the shih tzu that has a double coat and can also help to deal with any potential dry skin issues that your shih tzu may be suffering from too. For optimal results, you can use the brushing technique that we went over above to collect as much shed as possible and then wash your shih tzu and shampoo it accordingly. Just make sure that you only shampoo your dog once a week at most whereas you can brush your dog more often than that.

We know that some of our readers may have a shih tzu that is not a fan of bath time but we have a little trick that you may be able to use for this one too. We have lost count of the number of dog owners who have reported that their dogs make bath time a nightmare but have reported high success rates when they take their dog into the yard or garden and wash it with a hose pipe. This can often allow you to get the shed situation from your shih tzu under control without having a messy bathroom to clean up afterward.

Add A Natural Oil Based Supplement To Their Diet

Now, we just want to offer a quick disclosure on this method, although it does have an excellent track record of helping dog owners reduce the amount of shed that their dog’s release, it will only work if your dogs shed is due to nutritional deficiencies. The methods that we have covered above are based around controlling your shih tzus natural, year round shed release where as this method is based around improving your shih tzus nutrition to control its shed. If your dog already has optimal nutrition with plenty of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids in its diet then this method may not offer any benefit at all.

Anyway, there has been more and more reports of the shih tzu dog breed releasing more shed than other breeds if it does not have enough Omega essential fatty acids in its diet. A large number of dog owners have taken to adding a doggy oil suppliment to the diet of their pets and report it having a drastic improvement in the amount of shed that their dogs release. Considering that this is a quick and easy solution it can definitely be worth trying for your shih tzu shedding issues if you think it may be due to a nutritional deficiency in your dog.

One of the best things about this method is that supplementing the Omega oils in the diet of your shih tzu can also help with a number of other common issues in the breed. Unfortunately, a shih tzu can often have issues with dry skin, hot spots, skin bumps, a dull coat, and some digestive issues. Omega fatty acids can help with all of these issues so can definitely be well worth trying in your shih tzu to see if it helps the situation.

We just want to quickly mention that although some Omega 3 supplements indented for use with humans can be used with dogs, many of the ones in the capsule format should be avoided. Although the exact reasons are not known, some dogs can suffer digestive upset from the chemicals in the plastics so we would always recommend that our readers go with a Omega 3 supplement designed for use with dogs.

Try Restricting The Time Your Dog Is Outdoors

Now, this next one has only recently had any actual research released to back it up but the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) has published some early studies that do suggest that some dog breeds may shed less if you restrict their time outdoors. Due to the nature of a shih tzu and the breed usually not being used as working dogs, it is rare that a shih tzu will be sleeping outside anyway. That said though, depending on your situation, this may be something that you are able to try to help control the shed of your dog.

The idea is that you still take your shih tzu for its normal walks each day and let it play in the yard or garden as it normally would, you just make sure that it is sleeping indoors rather than outside. Again though, the research into this is still in the early stages with many questions still to be answered. We just wanted to include it in our list to try and help offer our readers the best information possible when it comes to controlling the shed from their shih tzu.

Why Do Shih Tzus Shed

The main reason that any dog breed will shed is usually due to hormones in its blood telling it to shed its coat and the shih tzu is no different. That said though, as we mentioned earlier in the article, sometimes a dog may start shedding due to nutritional deficiencies in its diet and in some cases it may be due to a health issue too. The majority of the shedding that dogs do is down to their hormones though and there is little to nothing that we are able to do about it. The best thing that we can do is try to manage the situation as best we can as we have covered with our various tips throughout the article.