Do Vizslas Shed + 4 Ways To Manage Their Shedding!

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Although the vizsla dog breed is not as popular as huskies, labrador, or german shepherds, they are definitely seeing a solid increase in their popularity with more and more people opting to add a pet vizsla to their family. With more and more people who already own a vizsla uploading videos to social media and YouTube showing just how….unique and hilarious their personality is, we doubt that this is going to be changing any time soon and judging by the steadily increasing number of questions we are seeing about the breed with each passing month, we think that their popularity will actually end up increasing over the coming months and years.

Without a doubt, the most frequently asked question that we constantly see asked about the vizsla breed is based around if they shed as well as the vizslas shed levels. This is usually due to people wanting to keep their homes as clean and tidy as possible as well as some people potentially suffering from allergies to dogs. Although vizslas are not a hypoallergenic dog breed as they do shed, it does tend to be a low amount released year-round without seasonal excessive shedding spikes as they have no undercoat to shed.

A vizsla is one of the dog breeds that we see people who would usually have issues with allergies reporting that they can have in their home without having any flare-ups or issues with allergies to dogs due to their shedding tending to be very easy to manage. If you have more severe allergies then antihistamines may be required and there is little to nothing you can do about their saliva triggering any allergies but we have steps below that you are able to take to help manage your vizsla when it sheds its loose hair and dander to drastically reduce the chance of having allergy issues with the breed.

The Hungarian vizsla really is a great dog that can make an excellent pet and we will now be taking a more in-depth look at how you are able to best manage their short coat to control their shed release as best you can to keep your home clean and prevent allergy flare-ups. There will likley be no need to implement all four of these steps with your dog and it is likley that you will be fine with the first one or two and still be able to see a drastic reduction in the shed around your home and any issues with allergies too.

Dealing With Your Vizslas Shedding

In our opinion, the quickest and easiest option for the vast majority of our readers to be able to manage the shedding of their pet vizsla will be to implement a solid grooming routine that includes brushing your dogs coat at least once, sometimes twice per week for a five-minute brushing session. There is no need for you to go through the brushing process every day but you do have to make sure that you are using a suitable de-shedding brush for your dog’s short coat for optimal results.

The number one mistake that we see owners of all dog breeds make when grooming their pets to control their shed levels is that they use a normal dog brush. The regular brushes are not designed for managing the shedding of a dog and are simply to brush a dog’s coat to keep it clean and ensure that it looks neat and tidy. The specialist grooming brushes for managing the shed of a dog are almost the same price as a regular brush these days and our recommended de-shedding tool has some of the best reviews from independent dog owners available right now and dominates the market due to its excellent results.

If you already own a vizsla then you will likely be aware that getting your dog to lay still for you to brush its coat to collect its shed can be a pain. The breed are notorious for getting excited and deciding to sprint around your home but there is a quick and easy way to get them to stay still and let you brush them. You will need a Kong dog toy as well as some high-quality treat paste for this to work but it is extremely effective.

All you have to do it put some of the treat paste inside of the kong toy and freeze it for a few hours to increase the difficulty of your vizsla being able to get it out of the toy. Some people leave the kong toy to freeze overnight, some people don’t even freeze it but in our opinion, a few hours prior to brushing in the freezer is enough to get the job done. When it comes time to groom your vizsla you simply give your dog the kong toy with the treat paste inside of it and the delicious taste and irresistible smell will hold your dogs attention for up to half an hour.

This should easily allow you to brush the short coat of your dog for five minutes to catch any of the shed that is about to be released so you are able to place it in the trash all at once rather than leaving it to fall around your home. This tip can be a great way to keep your vizsla still for other essential maintenance such as clipping its nails when required as well as anything else where you may require your dog to sit still for an extended period of time.

Take Advantage Of Deshedding Dog Shampoo With Your Vizsla

Although the vast majority, if not all of the deshedding dog shampoos on the market a decade or so back did little to nothing to actually help you deal with the shed of your dog, especially if they had a short coat, these more modern Deshedding Dog Shampoo really have upped their game. They are well worth trying, even if you only use it for one bottle and our recommended shampoo option for helping reduce the shedding in your vizsla has a massive number of excellent, independent reviews from other people in the dog-owning community who use it with their own pets too.

Each of these de-shedding dog shampoos has their own formula and work in their own way targeting specific causes of shedding so always read the label prior to using it with your vizsla. On top of this, the de-shedding shampoo space is so competitive right now, there are new formulas being released on a regular basis so even with the one linked above, always be sure to read the label prior to use. At the time of writing, its current formula can show results being used as often as once per week and as little as once per month depending on the level of shed that your vizsla is releasing.

We know that implementing a regular bath time for other dog breeds can be a pain, never mind for a vizsla. Their curious nature, high energy, and persistence and mean that bath time will be a total nightmare if your dog is not in the mood for it. Thankfully, these shampoos are just as effective if you take your dog out into the yard and use a bucket of water or a garden hose with them on your vizsla. Many vizslas will likley think that this is a game and run around the yard or garden but coming back to play with the water. If you do have to resort to taking your vizslas bathtime outdoors then you can use the Kong toy trick we mentioned above to help keep your dog still while you get them bathed.

Not only do these de-shedding dog shampoos help to keep your vizslas coat clean like a regular shampoo, they can also help to deal with natural shedding of its coat as well as less common causes such as skin issues and parasites depending on the actual shampoo formula that you go with too. Considering that they are so cheap and easy to use, we would highly recommend that our readers try them for at least a month to see if their dog shows a benefit in their shed levels. You can also shampoo your dog once a week while also brushing it as covered above once or twice per week too for optimal reduction of shedding.

Add A Natural Oil Based Supplement To Their Diet

Although this is the second most common cause of shedding in all dogs, the vast majority of dog owners instantly discount this as a possible cause of shedding in their pets. This is usually due to so many people looking out for the most expensive dog food options going thinking that the food mix they have selected has everything that their dog requires. Unfortunately, this is not the case due to regulation in the dog food industry being very strict with the number of calories each serving of food is able to contain.

As including lean protein sources and the best possible vegetables that are jam-packed with vitamins and minerals will almost always offer more health benefits to your dog in general than using up large amounts of the calorie allowances for essential fatty acids, dog food companies almost always prioritize the former. As Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids are the essential building blocks for your dogs coat, a deficiency in these fatty acids can potentially cause excessive shedding levels of your vizslas short coat.

Thankfully though, there are two quick and easy fixes that you are able to implement to deal with this and see an improvement in the shed levels of your vizsla in as little as only two weeks if the shedding cause is a lack of Omega 3 and 6. The optimal solution that is becoming more and more popular amongst dog owners is to have a tailor made food produced for your vizsla and shipped to you each month that is specific to your dogs breed, age, and health needs containing all the essential fatty acids it requires to reduce its shedding.

Over the last two or three years, this is becoming more and more popular as it give you more control of the food that you are feeding your dog and the prices of the service have drastically fallen as the process becomes simplified. The recipes are made from human-grade food and are jam-packed with all of the vitamins and minerals that your dog could ever need to live a long and healthy life. On top of helping to deal with shedding, these custom dog foods also have a great track record of helping to reduce dry skin, hot spots, dull coats, and digestive issues in dogs too and we well worth considering.

The second option is to add a doggy oil suppliment to your dog’s food to help increase the omega 3 and 6 intakes to help ensure your vizsla has all of the essential fatty acids it needs to create a healthy skin and coat itself. This can also start to show results in as little as two weeks but once you factor in the cost of your existing dog food for your vizsla and the oil supplements, it usually works out to be a similar price to a tailored food option that is almost always better when it comes to health and wellbeing.

Try Restricting The Time Your Dog Is Outdoors

As vizslas were initially bred to be a working dog, depending on the job they are assigned, some of our readers may have their vizsla sleep outdoors so we just want to quickly touch on this one. The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) has released research showing that there is definitely a correlation between a dog that sleeps outdoors and has an increased level of shedding. There is also a correlation between brining a dog indoors to sleep at night and a reduction in shedding too.


That brings our article answering the questions do vizslas shed to a close. We are hoping that you have found it helpful and that we have helped identify a number of ways that you will be able to minimize the shedding from your pet vizsla. This should help any of our readers who either have allergies to dog fur or want to reduce the amount of shed around their home drastically reduce the shedding of their vizslas coat with ease.