Do Weimaraners Shed + 4 Tips To Control The Shedding!

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Weimaraners have started to see some steady growth in their popularity as pets in North America and Europe and just like all other dog breeds that see growth in their popularity, more and more people who have either just got a weimaraner or are looking to get one soon seem to be reaching out for assistance. Over the last few months, we have seen more and more people reaching out with a wide range of questions about the breed but one of the more common sets of questions that we are seeing asked more and more is based around “Do weimaraners shed?“.

Due to this, we have decided to make this the focus of this article in a hope that we will be able to help any of our readers who are looking to get a weimaraner. Although we have seen some people claim that weimaraners are hypoallergenic, they are not and they do shed their unique silver coat year-round mildly. Both the short-haired and long-haired variants of the breed do this but there are a number of simple tips and tricks that you are able to use to control this.

The majority of weimaraner are the short-haired variant of the breed and due to having a single coat, they tend to be easy groom and keep their coat in order. Although weimaraner dogs do shed, with proper maintenance of their coat, you are usually able to control their shed level and help to keep your home clean and free from fur as well as minimize the chances of the breed triggering any allergies in you too. Just keep in mind that people are not just allergic to the hair of a dog, they can also have allergies with their dander and saliva too.

The tips and tricks below are geared towards reducing their shedding but some will also help with dander release drastically reducing the chance that a weimaraner will trigger the allergies of anyone in the household. We have seen a number of reports from people who have a weimaraner in their home and are able to live without having to use antihistamines to control their allergies when implementing the tips and tricks below.

Dealing With Your Weimaraner Shedding

Just like our advice from pretty much every other dog breed that we have covered to date, in our opinion, the quickest and easiest way to control the shed of weimaraner dogs is to stick to a regular grooming routine and brushing should make up the majority of the process. So many people use brushes on their dogs that are not designed for helping to control their shed or to groom their coat and this is one of the main reasons we see so many people saying that brushing is doing nothing for their dog’s shedding.

You have to make sure that you are using a suitable de-shedding brush to control your weimaraners shed or else you will not see results. Thankfully, these specialist de-shedding brushes are very budget-friendly these days and have a great reputation amongst the dog-owning community. Our recommended tool not only has the best reputation amongst dog owners due to offering quick and easy results but it has also managed to earn the most independent reviews from other dog owners that you can read to see just how highly the community regard it.

There is no need to brush your weimaraner with these tools each day either, due to their short coat and being a single coat breed, you may even be able to get away with brushing your dog once a week for a five-minute session but some dogs may require two or three five minute sessions a week. This should easily allow you to remove any loose, dead or damaged hair from your weimaraners coat and put it in the trash. As you are removing the fur in the coat that is about to shed and be released naturally, this allows you to remove it all at once and put it in the trash rather than your dog releasing it around your home resulting in a large cleanup operation.

Almost most weimaraners will likely be happy with laying or sitting still while you groom them, some dogs may like to be more active but we have a quick and easy tip that you can use to your advantage based around a Kong dog toy and some treat paste that has an excellent track record. You simply put some of the treat paste inside of the kong toy and freeze it for a few hours, possibly overnight if needed and then you give it to your dog before grooming.

The delicious taste of the treat paste should easily be able to keep your weimaraner dog focusing on the toy while keeping it still, sometimes for as long as half an hour. The frozen treat paste will hold in place keeping your dog laying or sitting in one location while it tried to get as much of the paste as possible. This should be plenty of time for you to brush your dogs coat as required with ease to remove the shed while also having plenty of time to spare. We have seen people use this same simple trick for other tasks with their dogs too such as clipping their claws as it works very well and usually allows you to get the task at hand done without your dog trying to investigate and get in the way as it is too focused on the treat paste.

Take Advantage Of Using A Deshedding Dog Shampoo With Your Weimaraner

These specialist Deshedding Dog Shampoos are becoming more and more people amongst people whos dogs suffer from excessive shedding or people who just want to reduce the amount of hair around their home or for people who have allergies to dogs. Not only can they help to health with your weimaraners shed of its coat but it can also help deal with the amount of dander they will release around your home too making it a great option for anyone who does have allergies to dogs.

On top of this, the older de-shedding shampoos that had questionable results have been replaced by the newer products by the larger brands who have some excellent science behind them along with the proven ability to perform. This has enabled out recommended de-shedding shampoo to quickly dominate the market due to performing so well while also managing to earn itself one of the best reputations going as well as a ton of independent reviews from people singing its praises too.

A weimaraner dog will likley see benefits of being bathed with one of these shampoos once per month but you are able to use them as often as once per week if required. For example, some dogs can have natural issues such as dry skin that can increase the amount of dander that their skin will release and trigger allergies. If your weimaraner does have issues with dry skin and you are wanting to minimize the chance of having allergy flare-ups then once per week is probably the better option. That said though, different shampoos work in slightly different ways and have different strengths so always read the instructions for the specific product that you purchase for your dog.

We know that some dogs tend to not be a fan of bath time but you can get very similar results to a regular bath by just taking your dog out into the yard or garden and washing it with a bucket of water and a hose pipe while using the shampoo on them. This can be another quick and easy trick that you can sometimes use to help get around the more stubborn dogs as although many dogs hate bathtime, they often really enjoy playing with the hose pipe.

Add A Natural Oil Based Supplement To Their Diet

We constantly see people instantly discounting the possibility of any excessive shedding in their dogs being down to having a lack of Omega 3 and Omega 6 in their diet due to them buying their dogs the higher price point dog foods on the market. The dog food industry has a ton of regulations that they have to meet and one is to have their serving size come in with a set amount of calories and after the healthy veggies and lean protein sources, there is usually not enough space left in the food mix to get enough essential fatty acids in there.

Protein and carbohydrates have four calories per gram whereas fats contain nine calories per gram too making this even harder. We just wanted to stress that this is not down to dog food brands intentionally leaving these out of their food mix, it is usually due to lean protein sources and healthy, vitamin and mineral-packed veggies offering more health benefits that adding the essential fatty acids due to the fat taking up so much of their calorie allocation per serving.

Our Recommended

Tailored Dog Food!

Due to the price tags of specifically tailored dog foods reducing over the last few years, more and more people are starting to use a high quality tailored dog food with their pets. This allows you to quickly and easily make a tailored dog food unique to your dogs breed, age, and health requirements that will be shipped to you each month. Not only are these food options delicious, but they are also jam-packed with essential nutrients, and allow you to ensure that your dog is getting plenty of essential fatty acids to help with its excessive shedding.

Due to this, you may be buying your weimaraner the most expensive dog food possible but it may still have having issues with getting the Omega 3 and Omega 6 acids that it requires to naturally build a healthy skin and coat leading to a spike in your dogs shed. Thankfully though, this is a quick and easy one to fix and you can start to add a oil supplement for dogs to its diet and they can work wonders for your weimaraners shed release in as little as only two weeks if the cause of the spike in coat shedding is due to a deficiency in these acids.

Additionally, these oil supplements are very budget-friendly too and you can usually try a month’s course of them and add them to your weimaraners main food source. They offer additional health benefits in addition to helping deal with your dog’s shedding too including dealing with dry skin, hot spots, and some skin bumps. It is common for many dog owners to try their dog on these supplements for a month or so to see if they get any benefit and then adjust accordingly from there.

Try Restricting The Time Your Dog Is Outdoors

We will just be touching on this one as it will likley not be applicable to many of our readers who own weimaraners but the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) has been releasing their research on the subject so we wanted to include it. They have found that there is a direct correlation in a dog sleeping outside overnight and having a higher amount of shedding from its coat when compared to a dog that sleeps inside. In addition to this, they have also found that a dogs shed amount is likley to decrease if it usually sleeps outside and is brought inside to sleep.

Why Do Weimaraner Shed

All dog breeds shed at least a little and this is natural and to be expected. This natural shedding from your weimaraner is caused by a hormone in its blood that tells it to release any dead, damaged, or old hairs in its coat to keep it as healthy as possible. There really is not much that we are able to do about this other than manage it with grooming and bathing as covered in the article above.

Another reason that your pet weimaraner may have a sudden increase in shedding is due to a deficiency in the amount of Omega 3 and Omega 6 in its diet too. We covered those cause above too and thankfully, this one is relatively easy to fix using an oil supplement for dogs and you can usually get your dogs essential fatty acids normalized in as little as only two weeks and start seeing an improvement.

The final main cause of shedding in dogs is usually down to them having an infestation of parasites in their coat that cause health issues and excessive shedding. Thankfully this is the least common reason that your weimaraner may be shedding more than usual but if you suspect that this could be happening with your dog, we would highly recommend that you take it to your local veterinarian as soon as possible for professional treatment. Some of these parasites can lead to long term issues and require prescription medication to treat so professional assistance is usually the best option even if your vet tells you its a common parasite and an over the counter treatment will do, it’s better to be seen than sorry.


That brings our article converting the question “Do weimaraners shed?” to an end we hope that you have found it useful. As we have mentioned throughout the article, shedding is common and natural for all dog breeds but our tips and tricks in this article should definitely be able to help you manage it as best you can. The difference in implementing these tips and staying consistent with them can lead to a surprisingly high reduction in the amount of shed that your dog will release from its coat and can help you keep your home clean and tidy while also helping to prevent any issues with having allergies.