Do Whippets Shed + 4 Quick And Easy Tips To Manage It!

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People love their dogs and a large number of dog breeds are seeing exponential growth in their popularity as more and more people look to add a dog to their family. One of the traditionally less common breeds that is seeing very strong growth right now with breeders often struggling to meet the demand is whippet dogs. The breed is rapidly climbing the charts when it comes to the most popular breeds in both North America and Europe and we doubt that this is going to slow anytime soon as we are seeing more and more questions asked with each passing month about how to offer optimal care for a whippet.

The main question, beyond a shadow of a doubt that we see asked each month is “Do whippets shed?” and we are seeing more and more people ask this all the time. Due to this, we have decided to make this the main focus of this today’s article to try and help as many of our readers as possible who are looking to add a whippet to their household. Before we go any further though, whippet dogs shed a low amount, year-round so they are not a hypoallergenic breed but if you follow the tips below, you can usually manage their shedding with ease and have a whippet in your home without having allergy flare-ups.

On top of this, the tips and tricks that we have below can also help with dog owners who want to keep their home as clean and tidy as possible. Although whippets tend to be low shedders, the hair from the breed can end up all over so reducing this or at least taking steps to manage it really can drastically reduce the amount of shed that will end up around your home. On top of this, if you do have someone who has allergies to dogs in your home, the less fur shed the better helping to prevent any issues with flare-ups.

We are now going to be taking a more detailed look at the four main steps that we would recommend that our readers look into to allow them to drastically reduce the shed that will be around their home from their pet whippet. There is usually no requirement to implement all four of the steps and most people will likley be able to manage the coat of their dog with the first two and notice a drastic change in the level of shedding that their pets do.

Dealing With Your Whippet Shedding

Although we have three more methods below, we still think that the quickest and easiest method to reduce the amount of shed from your dog’s coat is to stick to regular brushing and grooming. So many dog owners do this incorrectly unfortunately that ends up delivering sub-par results but thankfully, you are able to easily avoid their mistake. The majority of people we see online saying that brushing their dog did not help the shedding situation are usually using a regular brush designed for keeping your dogs coat near and tidy rather than helping with shedding.

You have to make sure that you use a suitable de-shedding brush with your whippet as they can quickly and easily collect the vast majority of shed that is held in the coat and about to be released with ease. This allows you to collect all of the shed at once and then put it in the bin before it is able to fall around your home and cause a mess and potentially cause issues with allergies.

There is no need to implement daily brushing with these tools either, due to the short coat of a whippet, brushing your dog once per week with a suitable tool for around five minutes will likley show excellent results. If your whippet is experiencing some excessive shedding then you may want to increase this to two sessions of five minutes of brushing but this will likley be rare with the breed. This simple change to the grooming routine of your whippet can drastically reduce the amount that it sheds with ease.

Now, whippets can be an extremely active dog breed and although most will likley be happy to sit or lay still while you brush them for five minutes or so, some may not want to play and make the whole process difficult. Thankfully though, we have a quick and easy trick that you are able to implement with your dog to try and avoid this from happening but you will need to get yourself a Kong dog toy and some decent treat paste for it to work.

The process is so simple and you just put some of the treat paste in your kong toy the day before you plan to brush your pet whippets coat and leave it in your freezer overnight. The irresistible smell and delicious taste of our recommended treat paste will hold your whippet’s attention and the frozen treat paste will prevent your whippet from being able to get it all out quickly and wander off. You should easily have plenty of time to spare after brushing your whippet while it is still working on getting the last of the treat paste out of the Kong toy without even noticing that you have just brushed it.

Take Advantage Of A Deshedding Dog Shampoo With Your Whippet

Gone are the days where these specialist shampoos were close to useless, these next-generation Deshedding Dog Shampoos have a great track record for being able to quickly and easily deal with some of the common causes of shedding in your whippet and help reduce the shed release from your dogs coat quickly. As we touched on earlier, although whippets are a dog breed with a short coat, parasites can still take hold and cause excessive shedding. On top of this, dry skin, hot spots, and natural causes can also end up resulting in an increase in the amount of shed that your dog will release.

Thankfully, the majority of these de-shedding shampoos on the market these days are able to combat multiple causes of shedding in your whippet. As formulas often change and each product is usually based around their own unique recipe, it is always advisable that you read the label of your shampoo of choice prior to using it with your dog. Our recommended de-shedding shampoo has a great reputation and the proven ability to deliver results earning it a ton of great, independent reviews from other dog owners too.

As we said, always read the label but the current formula can be used as often as one time each week or one time each month and still show a positive result in the health of your whippet’s coat and help to reduce shedding. If your whippet is having some excessive shedding issues then bath your dog with the shampoo once a week or once a fortnight but most whippets will likley see an improvement being bathed with the shampoo once a month.

If you have a whippet who does not like being in your bath then you can also use the shampoo on your dog out in the yard or garden with a bucket of water if needed. This will offer the same benefits to your dog’s coat and help to manage its shedding without you having to put your whippet in the bath and potentially scaring it. Additionally, you can usually also brush your whippets coat once or twice a week in addition to washing it with these shampoos to further reduce the potential of its shed load.

Add A Natural Oil Based Supplement To Their Diet

Unfortunately, even many of the more expensive dog food mixes on the market are unable to offer all of the essential fatty acids that you should be trying to get into your dog each day. This is due to regulation in the industry restricting the total calorie count that dog food brands are able to put into each service meaning that after the vegetables and lean protein sources have been added that offer the most health benefits, there is often not enough space required for the higher calorie count fats.

Although most dogs will be fine without getting the recommended intake of essential fatty acids, this can result in an increase in the amount of shed that some dogs will release. Unlike the two methods above though, this one is a quick and easy cause of shedding to treat in your whippet if you feel that your dog’s increased shedding may be due to having a lack of Omega 3 and Omega 6 in their diet.

One quick and easy way to deal with this as well as to ensure that your whippet gets a ton of other health benefits is to start using a tailor-made dog food that is becoming extremely popular due to the prices of these services decreasing so much over the last year or two. These tailor-made dog foods allow you to customize the diet of your whippet to meet the specific needs of its breed, age, and health issues and adjust it accordingly, especially if it requires more essential fatty acids in its meals. The service then ships the custom food mix to your home each month with a delicious meal that is made from human-grade ingredients and is jam-packed with all of the essential vitamins and minerals that your whippet requires for a healthy lifestyle.

Another popular way to increase the essential fatty acids that your pet whippet has in its diet is to start adding an oil supplement for dogs to their meals. Although this can potentially be just as effective of moving your whippet over to a tailor-made dog food mix, once you factor in the cost of your dogs existing food as well as the cost of the oil supplement, a tailor-made dog food option may actually work out to be the cheaper option while also offering the additional health benefits to your pet whippet in addition to helping combat its issues with shed.

Some of the other health benefits of ensuring that your whippet is getting all of the essential fatty acids in its diet that it requires is that is can reduce dry skin, prevent hot spots, and reduce skin bumps from occurring. On top of that, the tailor-made dog foods also have an excellent track record of being able to prevent allergies and digestive issues in your dog from flaring up too making them an excellent option.

Try Restricting The Time Your Dog Is Outdoors

This final one may be able to help a small number of our readers as more and more research is being provided by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) showing a correlation between a dog that sleeps outdoors and a higher shed level of their coat. They have studies that show a reduction in this level of shedding in a dog when brought indoors to sleep at night so depending on your circumstances and your situation, this may be something that you are able to look into in more detail but most people seem to have their whippets sleep indoors anyway.


That brings our article going over the question “Do Whippets shed?” to a close and we hope that any of our readers who either already have or are looking to get a whippet have found it helpful. We have tried to cover the main causes of shedding in your whippet as well as an actionable, easy, cheap treatment option that you are able to use to your advantage to manage the shedding of your dog. All of the treatment options above have large numbers of other dog owners who use them and have seen positive results, sometimes in as little as only two weeks depending on the severity of the cause of the shedding in your whippet but most people will be able to implement the first and second methods and be fine.