Do Yorkies Shed And A Few Tips To Keep It Under Control!

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Yorkshire terriers are consistently one of the most popular dog breeds by popularity no matter what country you are living in. On top of already being such a popular dog breed, Yorkshire terriers are seeing constant, steady growth with each passing month with more and more people opting to add a Yorkshire terrier to their family. Due to being so popular with dog owners the world over we always see large numbers of people reaching out and asking a large number of different questions based around how they are able to best take of their pet yorkie terrier.

One of the more popular questions that we constantly see people asking with increasing frequency is based around the question “Do Yorkshire terrier dogs shed?“. This is largely due to many people wrongfully saying that Yorkshire terriers are a hypoallergenic dog breed when in fact, this is false. In the strictest sense of the word, there is no such thing as a truly hypoallergenic dog breed and any dog may trigger someone who suffers from allergic reactions to dogs.

The main reason that so many people thing that yorkies are hypoallergenic is due to their silky coats that are closer to human hair instead of fur. On top of this, the breed does not have an undercoat either and they are not known for intense shedding either. This means that the yorkies coat is one of the most favorable for anyone who does have allergies to dogs and many people who have allergies to other dogs can often live with a yorkie without having any flare-ups or issues.

That said though, if you do suffer from some severe allergies then you may still get flare-ups from having a yorkie in your home as it does shed, and it shed year round. Many people can simply take antihistamines and not have the issues anymore but there are a few things that you are able to do to help keep the shed of your yorkie under control and make your life as easy as possible. In addition to helping minimise any potential allergy flare-ups, reducing the amount of shedding that your yorkie goes through can also help you save time when it comes to cleaning up your yorkie’s coat that ends up dropping all-around your home.

We will now be going through the various tips and tricks that we feel you are able to implement into your yorkies daily routine to help keep its shedding under control with ease. We have arranged them in descending order of effectiveness meaning that the ones closer to the top of the article are more likely to have a direct effect and prevent your allergies from flaring up. We also have different treatments for different causes of shedding throughout the article with the most common reasons for your dog to shed being towards the top of the article too.

Get A Suitable Brush

Although this may sound very basic, in our opinion, one of the easiest and most straight forward things that you are able to do to help get your yorkies shed issues under control is to simply pick up a suitable de-shedding brush. Brushing and grooming your yorkie on a regular basis is a quick and easy way to remove any hair that is close to shedding and prevent it from being dropped around your home and potentially cause issues with any allergies.

Although a regular pin brush can work due to the yorkie coat bing so similar to human hair, a specialist de-shedding tool will almost always be more efficient. On top of this, Yorkshire terries don’t have a thick undercoat that can shed to be caught by their outer coat and held there until grooming. Due to this, we would recommend that any of our readers who own yorkies try to brush their dog’s coat two or three times a week with at least one day between each grooming session.

Although the vast majority of yorkies will likely enjoy being groomed by you, we are fully aware that some of our readers will have yorkies that are more problematic when it comes to being brushed. Thankfully though, we have a quick and easy method that you are able to use with your yorkies to help keep them laying still for five to ten minutes to allow you to get their brushing done.

Just like the vast majority of dog breeds, yorkies are extremely responsive to treats and the best way to get your average Yorkshire terrier to do anything is to bribe it. Now, with this method you are actually going to need a Kong dog toy as well as some decent treat paste and then you are going to put some of the treat paste inside the kong toy and then place it between your yorkies paws.

Due to our recommended treat paste being so tasty, it should easily hold your yorkies attention for a five to ten-minute brushing session that should be more than enough. On top of this, our recommended treat paste has been specifically designed to be as sticky as possible so it will take a large amount of work from your dog to actually get it all out of the Kong toy. This is a great little trick that you can use for a number of other tasks too such as clipping your yorkies nails or anything else where you need it to sit or lay still.

Take Advantage Of Deshedding Dog Shampoo

One of the most common questions that we see people ask after the initial “Do yorkies shed?” question is basically based around if the deshedding dog shampoos that are advertised on TV are work using or not. Now, thankfully, times have most definitely changed over the years as the early deshedding shampoos were close to useless and a total waste of time and money. Thankfully though, there are some very effective deshedding dog shampoos on the market that can work like a charm.

Not only do these newer doggy deshedding shampoos have an excellent reputation and track record for helping with your yorkie shedding issues but they also help promote a healthy skin and coat as well as helping to prevent dry skin and hot spots on your yorkie too. Our recommended deshedding shampoo of choice has a great reputation amongst the community too while also having managed to earn its self thousands of independent reviews over the years from the dog owning community with many of the reviews coming from other yorkie owners.

Reading over some of those reviews, especially the ones from other people who own the breed to see who it helped them control their yorkies shed can definitely be helpful. You can also help increase the results by using the shampoo with regular brushing as covered above too. Now, when we suggest this method, one of the main things that we see yorkie owners respond with is that their yorkie hates bath time and will make the shampooing process as difficult as possible.

Thankfully, we have a trick for this one too as it is very common for dogs to hate being bathed. One tip is to take your yorkies into the yard or garden and start playing with it with the garden hose. If you get creative, you will likely be able to come up with a game and get your yorkie involved with it enjoying itself and allowing you to shampoo it as yours play. Another method is to get a toddlers paddling pool and put that in your yard and bath your yorkie in it as many dogs tend to find paddling pools much less intimidating that a regular bath.

You only need to bath your dog once a week with this shampoo to start seeing results and it does have a high success rate too making it a solid option that is well worth checking out in our opinion. As we mentioned, you can often use these shampoos with the brushing method for even better results but this will depend on your situation and the reason that your dog is shedding.

Add A Natural Oil Based Supplement To Their Diet

Now, before we get into this one, we just want to clarify that this method does have a great track record of being able to reduce the shedding in your yorkie, it is not like the two methods above based around your dog’s natural shedding, this one is based around your dog shedding due to nutritional imbalances. Omega 3 and Omega 6 are both essential fatty acids that help promote a healthy skin and coat in your yorkie and can help with a bunch of common issues in the breed including shedding.

Adding a good oil supplement designed for dogs to your yorkies diet can quickly and easily ensure that they are getting all of the Omega 3 and Omega 6 they require to help balance their nutritional profile and prevent shedding due to a lack of these acids. Now, you may be thinking that you feed your yorkie some of the best dog foods available that come at a premium price point. Unfortunately, the price of the food you feed your yorkie does not correlate to its nutritional profile and a deficiency of Omega acids is common amongst many dogs, even those fed some of the most expensive foods on the market.

Thankfully though, oil supplements for dogs are very cheap so you can easily get your dog a month’s worth and add them to their diet to see if it helps with your yorkie shedding. If it does then you know that the shedding issues were due to a deficiency in their diet and you can keep on adding the oil supplements to their diet for the future too. These oil supplements for dogs also help to treat other common issues in the breed too such as dry skin, hot sports skin bumps, and digestive issues too as well as helping with a dull coat.

Just before moving on, we want to quickly mention that although some oil supplements for humans may be fine for your dog, some can cause digestive upset and we would always recommend that you use a supplement that is designed for dogs. Many of the oil capsules on the market for people have chemicals in them that can upset your dog’s stomach as they were never designed for a dog’s digestive system and may result in a messy situation if you give them human supplements.

Try Restricting The Time Your Dog Is Outdoors

We were actually in two minds about adding this last one to our list as it only has some very early research to back it up but the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) does have some studies that show that restricting the time that your terriers are able to spend outside can reduce their shedding. As we said though, this is in the very early stages and is usually not a realistic option for most dog owners but depending on your situation, you may be able to try it.

Just to be clear before moving onto the next one, this does not mean keeping your yorkie indoors all day, you still take your dog for its regular walks as well as let it play in the garden as it sees fit. The main study shows a correlation between having a dog sleep indoors that would usually sleep outdoors and a reduction in their shedding. Again though, this is in its very early stages and needs more research to answer all of the open questions in our opinion.

Why Do Yorkies Shed

As we have touched on, there are multiple reasons that your yorkie s coat may shed. The most common one by a long shot is the natural shedding that all dogs do year-round and is caused by a hormone in their blood. There is nothing that we can do about this situation other than try to manage it as best we can with regular grooming and potentially a deshedding shampoo.

The two less common and more easily dealt with reasons that your yorkie may end up shedding its coat is either due to parasites where your local veterinarian will usually need to prescribe the correct treatment or a nutritional imbalance as we touched on earlier. Both of these tend to be much easier to health with than the natural shedding but due to the coat of the yorkie, it can often be kept as a house pet for some people who have mild dog allergies without them having any issues.