How To Make My Hedgehog Gain Weight When Not Eating Enough!

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Do you worry over your pet’s size and lack ideas on how to make the hedgehog gain weight? Read on for tips on how to make your hedgie fatter.  Hedgehogs react well to changes in diet, so little tweaks can help your pet grow faster than you imagine. 

Hedgehogs losing weight could be suffering from a condition. It is common for hedgehogs to develop problems from eating. So read on to discover how to check for oddities in your hedgehog. 

Investigating Why Your Hedgehog Has Stopped Feeding Well

Hedgehogs lose weight when they don’t feed well. If you find your pet getting smaller, try to investigate why. You can determine the reason for decreased food intake through any of the following.

Meal Quality

It is possible that your hedgehog doesn’t feed well because the meal is poor. Hedgehogs will eat anything familiar to their taste buds. But pet owners agree that hedgehogs soon get tired of trashy foods. 

The best hedgehog foods contain real nutrients – amino acids, animal protein, and others. If you presently feed your pet synthetic nutrients, shop for an alternative. We know some recommendations to add to your hedgehog food list. We would share them with you shortly.


Besides the quality of the meal, your hedgehog could be suffering from a condition. Impaction may cause your pet to stop pooping, drinking, or eating. Impaction happens when an animal cannot digest their food. Such food clogs the digestive system and causes poop to store. 

The cause of impaction in hedgehog is feeding. Seeds from grapes and apples can get stuck in your pet’s digestive system. Feeding off dried insects can also cause impaction. This is why we recommend feeding live insects to your hedgehog instead. Visit the vet if you notice symptoms of impaction in your hedgehog.  Impaction can kill your pet if you don’t act fast.

Mouth Injuries

Often, mouth injuries prevent hedgehogs from feeding. Food traps in their mouths. Hedgehogs that feed on nuts and raisins can have such a problem. The trap causes pain and worsens when the pet chews. Your pet will need a lot of control to remove lodged foods from its mouth. While you can check for food in the mouth, we advise that you visit your vet to dislodge food. 

Food Size

If you find that your pet’s mouth is free of food debris, then consider the size of the food you feed it. Hedgehogs have small mouths. The pets struggle to chew pieces of food that are too big. Consider chopping your pet’s food to bits before it feeds.  Steam and chop vegetables (such as carrots) before feeding them to the pet. You can get vegetable choppers for faster and easier chopping. 

After tending to these things, you may go ahead to apply the following tips for hedgehog weight gain. 

Increase Calorie Intake 

The best way to make your hedgehog gain weight is to add to the pet’s meal. Change the feeding bowl if you consider it smaller than necessary. You can either increase the amount of food per mealtime or increase the number of mealtimes per day. Hedgehogs react differently, so it is tough to know which will work for you beforehand. So we encourage you to try these two and track the outcomes. 

Increased mealtime is better for hedgehogs with a smaller appetite. You can maintain the same size of food for this strategy. But you need to increase the number of times your pet feeds daily. A different approach is introducing a more substantial meal per mealtime for the same amount of time in a day. 

Change Meal Quality

Hedgehogs react better to meals with higher nutrients. If you desire a pet with a bigger weight, you should include high-quality meals in your hedgehog food list. Hedgehogs need animal protein and amino acids for growth. Use this as a directive when next you shop for hedgehog food.

Consider Introducing Cat Food

Cat food helps hedgehogs to grow big. Many traditional hedgehog foods have smaller nutrients. But cat foods have nutrients in excess. An important reason why you should be picky with a cat food for your pet.

The best cat foods for hedgehogs are food with perfect fat and calorie content. The meals contain less than 36% protein and 21% fat. They have vegetables and are easy to find at pet shops. Finding them quicker than most hedgehog foods is another reason why hedgehog owners prefer cat foods.

Introduce Treats

Hedgehogs will grow bigger if you feed them with treats. Just don’t make treats the central part of their diet. Introduce supplements like live silkworms, mealworms, and waxworms up to seven times in a day. Live insects reduce the likeliness of impaction, so they are better than dried ones. 

While you may feel the need to hunt insects yourself, don’t do this. Visit reputable dealers and buy insects from them. You may find silkworms at higher rates. Silkworms have more nutrients and are hard to find at pet stores. Mealworms and waxworms are good alternatives. They contain calories and fat that your hedgehog will depend on for growth. 

Reduce Exercise And Activities

Some hedgehogs are very active. They like to run on their wheels, and running can extend to the whole day. Restrict the activities of your hedgehog if you want it to add weight. Consider taking the hedgehog wheel out if you find this necessary to add to your pet’s weight.


Hedgehogs get smaller if they don’t feed well. Inspect your pet for abnormalities that may cause a reduction in feeding. It is risky for the pet to have an impaction as it may lead to death. Impaction is a factor for seeing your local vet in earnest. Food lodgment in the mouth or throat is another reason to visit the vet. 

If your hedgehog eats well but is underweight, change the diet of the pet. Find nutritious foods or get cat foods. You can introduce treats like live silkworms or waxworms. But don’t feed the hedgehog cricket or grasshoppers because they lack proper nutrients. Live worms are the best for weight gain.

Feed your hedgehog in bits if you discover that meals are too big for the pet to chew. A slight change is the feeding style can make your hedgehog grow fat.