How To Make Your Dog’s Jaw Stronger With Ease!

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Dogs are wonderful creatures that make perfect companions of human beings. When it comes to adopting a pet, most people would think about a dog. It is hard to find a better companion than dogs. These pets give you company, work for you, protect you in times of danger, and even enhance your health and well-being.

Some people prefer dogs with excellent jaw strength for security purposes. The police and security departments are always looking for dogs with higher jaw strength. If you want a watchdog, you need to look for a pet with maximum bite power and jaw strength. You can find several people taking their pets to competitions. They always want a dog with maximum jaw strength.

The fact of the matter is that all dog owners find ways to increase the jaw strength of their pets to keep them healthy. The jaw strength and bite force of certain breeds are higher compared to other breeds.

How To Make Your Dog’s Jaw Stronger?

This is an important question that many people are searching to find an answer. You can find many ways to strengthen the jaw of your dogs. It is always advisable to choose the best methods to generate maximum results. You must choose the right equipment and exercise that guarantee the best outcome.

Tug Of War Offers Excellent Results

If you are on the lookout for a fast, affordable, simple, and convenient way to enhance the bite strength and jaw power of your pet, you can play tug of war. The difficult part is to motivate your dog to play this game. You can come across many bright colored rope toys that can be effectively utilized to catch the attention of your pet and keep him engaged.

It is a smart step to spread a dog treat on one end of the rope toy. This method helps you engage the pets smartly. For keeping him interested in playing the tug of war game, you have to let the pets win every few minutes.

If you want to make your dog’s jaw stronger, you need to use the right equipment or toy. The best method of approach needs to be followed to achieve the expected results for your pets. You should not keep forcing the pet to do things the way you like. It is necessary to listen to the dog and give him enough time to adapt to your training. If you follow the methods mentioned above accurately, you can increase the jaw strength of your pet effectively.

Kong Toys Are A Good Option

A Kong toy refers to a non-toxic, rubber toy that comes with a hollow center. This dishwasher-safe toy can be stuffed with food. You need to choose a toy made suing extremely durable and resistant rubber. Products such as Extreme Kong are highly effective tools to increase jaw strength and bite power. You need to load these toys with the favorite treats of your pets. Strong and resistant toys for pets easily withstand frequent heavy punishments from your dog efficiently.

Synthetic Bones And Chews Strengthen Your Dog’s Jaw Efficiently

You can find different types of synthetic bones for dogs available on the market nowadays. Specially-made dog bones motivate pets to chew them and stimulate their jawbones. The conventional dog food does not offer the much-needed jaw bone stimulation to make your dog feel satiated. Synthetic dog bones address this problem easily. These products provide the necessary exercise to the jaw and increase the strength consistently. Some of the popular dog bone and chewing products available today are Bully sticks, Rawhide chews, and Himalayan Dog chews.

Dog chews like Bully sticks contain highly beneficial vitamins and minerals. These products do not contain any bone and are free from artificial flavors and preservatives. They contribute immensely to make a balanced diet for your pets. Many people are offering these types of products to their pets after jaw surgery. The recovery process becomes faster with the help of Bully sticks.

Make Use Of A Dog Swing

A dog swing is a smart tool to increase the jaw strength of your dog. It makes use of the bodyweight of the pet o take jaw strength to a new level. First of all, you need to find some rope. It should be tied over a strong point. A tree is a good option. When you tie the rope, you need to make sure that the rope swing stays around two-thirds of the pet’s height.

A dog toy must be attached to the rope end to catch the attention of the dog. You need to encourage the dog to play. With the help of a spreadable treat, you can keep him engaged. As your dog keeps on playing with the rope, the power of the jaw gets better.

Utilize The Right Bite Suit For Pets

You can increase your pet’s jaw strength with the help of a bite suit. When you offer training using a bite suit, you should use one that fits correctly on your body. The suit must not interfere with your free movements. It should not be too big for the dog as well. The pet should be allowed to bite the man, not the suit. If you are offering practice to a young dog, you need to use a soft sleeve to reduce the discomfort while biting.

Dog Breeds With The Highest Jaw Strength

If you are searching for a dog breed with maximum jaw strength, you can choose Kangal. This breed has a bite force measurement of 743 psi. PSI refers to pound per square inch. It is a unit designed to calculate the pressure released upon any particular point. PSI is the best-known scientific method utilized to explain the force that a dog exerts through their bites. It measures the pressure applied over one square inch of a pound.

The English Mastiff has also excellent jaw strength. The bite force of this breed is 556 PSI. The Wolfdog and Rottweiler come with 406 and 328 PSI respectively. Other breeds with higher jaw strength and bite force are African Wild Dog (317 PSI), American Bull Dog (305 PSI), Doberman (245 PSI), German Shepherd (238 PSI), American Pitbull (235 PSI), and Dutch Shepherd (224 PSI).