Rottweiler Vs Doberman Pinscher The Ultimate Comparison!

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Both the rottweiler and the doberman pinscher are very popular dog breeds that see steady growth with each passing year but due to having so many similarities, we often see people reaching out and asking for a dedicated rottweiler vs doberman pinscher comparison article. Due to this, we have decided to use this as our feature for today’s article as we hope to try and help as many of our readers as possible who are considering adding either of these two breeds to their family.

Now, before we go any further, both dog breeds are great and this is not an article where we will be trying to say one is better than the other. We are simply going to go over the characteristics of each breed to try and help our readers work out which of the dog breeds will be better for them. It should go without saying that taking on a dog is a serious commitment and both feature breeds have a life expectancy of over ten years meaning that you should think long and hard before adding either to your family.

In addition to this, both breeds will do well with some solid training and are usually not recommended for first-time dog owners too. That said though, many people who opt for either a rottweiler or a doberman pinscher tend to be looking for a guard dog to help protect their family or property and both breeds really do excel in this area while also being able to function as a good family dog at the same time provided you train and socialize either breed as required.

Anyway, we are now going to be taking a look at the main characteristics, traits, and requirements of both the rottweiler and the doberman pinscher. As both dogs have a very similar appearance to each other, we will not be covering that as both breeds are popular enough for you to know exactly what they look like. After that, we will be offering some of our thoughts on the differences between the breeds as well as some situations where one breed may be better than the other for your circumstances so let’s get into it.

Rottweiler Overview

Starting off with the rottweiler or the rottie as it is affectionately known, males can grow to be between 110 to 132 pounds while standing as high as 27 inches whereas females will usually be between 77 and 106 pounds and stand as high as 25 inches. The breed has a ton of power behind it as well as a surprising level of strength too meaning that any pulling on the leash while out for its walks should be discouraged via training as quickly as possible.

Although most people have an idea that a rottweiler will be a strong and powerful dog when fully grown, they are often stronger than most people initially thought. This is due to rottweilers having been bred to be as strong and powerful as possible due to one of their initial jobs being to pull carts of meat to market for butchers while also being protective enough to guard livestock in the fields too. Although the females are usually smaller, they can still be surprisingly strong and powerful and we can’t stress this enough if you are timid or small built as some rottweilers still have a prey drive when out walking and seeing smaller animals. Thankfully though, this is rare and can usually be trained out of your dog relatively quickly with some consistency.


Being a large dog breed, rottweilers need a large amount of food with an adult male potentially needing over 2000 calories per day depending on its activity levels. On top of this, it is highly recommended that you use a high-quality, suitable dog food for your rottweiler too. They need between 22% to 26% of their calories to come from protein for healthy muscles and our recommended dog food for rotties comes in at 26% protein from lean, healthy sources making it ideal. On top of this, there are a large number of other dog owners already feeding it to their dogs with many of these other dog owners publishing their own excellent reviews of the food that you can read prior to using it too.

On top of this, many rottweilers can have some issues with their skin and coat and although it is not as common with some other breeds, they can get hot spots as well as random little bumps on their skin. This is relatively normal but can annoy your dog but a quick and easy way to get rid of them is to supplement your rottweilers diet with a suitable oil suppliment. Once your dogs Omega 3 and Omega 6 essential fatty acid intake is increases, both of these issues usually go away without needing a trip to your local veterinarian.

Although we would always recommend that a responsible dog owner avoids allowing their dog to become obese anyway, it can be a little big more difficult with a rottweiler due to the excess skin on parts of its body. Thankfully, a quick and easy way to gauge if your rottweiler is overweight is to try and feel your dogs ribs, if you cannot feel them then there is a chance that your dog may be overweight. Although being overweight is bad for dogs anyway, it can cause additional issues with the rottweiler due to the health issues that we will cover next.

Health Issues

Rottweilers can supper from both hip and elbow dysplasia as well as a number of common joint problems too. Depending on the age of your pet rottweiler your local veterinarian may be able to offer ways to slow their effects down but if your dog is overweight, the additional body mass that it has to carry around just makes these conditions worse. We really can’t stress enough how important it is that you keep your pet rottweiler around its recommended weight for its size to help prevent these issues from popping up.

As we touched on earlier, the rottweiler was not only bred to be a guard dog for livestock but it was also selectively bred to be as powerful and strong as possible to pull heavy carts to market. Due to this, most rottweiler love exercise and it is highly recommended that you take them for at least one daily walk that is at least forty-five minutes long. If possible, also let your rottweiler off the leash where safe to let it run around and tire itself out. Although a small number of rottweiler will get the concept of fetch and play it with you, the majority tend to be independent and rather just do their own thing as the retrieving instinct is not bred into them.

Although some rottweilers do love to swim, many really don’t like the water and some can actually struggle to swim too. Remember, the rottweiler is a big, heavyset, muscular dog that can come in at over 100 pounds when fully grown. Depending on your rottweiler, it is easy to see why so many of them really don’t enjoy swimming and rather walk or run instead.

Just like most other large dog breeds, the rottweiler comes in with a life expectancy of 8 to 12 years depending on if any serious health issues occur. As we touched on back at the start of the article, this is a long commitment so always be sure that you are willing to keep the dog for around a decade minimum prior to adding one to your family.

Family Life

Although the media give rottweilers a bad reputation, they tend to be good family dogs provided you socialize the dog correctly. They are quick to form bonds with the human members of their pack and are extremely loving, there are plenty of videos on YouTube of a rottweiler letting a very young baby crawl all over it without even flinching but we would never recommend a baby be left alone with any dog. Due to rottweilers being such an active dog breed with so much energy, they can be a good way to get the children out of the house to take the dog for a walk and get them some fresh air too.

Most rottweilers will be fine with other pets in the household but if your rottweiler has a particularly strong prey drive, they can have issued with smaller dog breeds and cats. Depending on the condition of your dog, a male rottweiler may also fight for dominance with any other adult males in the household but most people have their dogs neutered these days and this seemingly lowers the drive.


One of the main things that surprise people about a rottweiler is that they are an extremely intelligent dog breed that can workout even complex interactive dog toys quickly. Many people think of rottweilers as a brutish breed that are all muscle and no brain and this really is not the case at all. Although this can be a pain when trying to train your dog due to its intelligence often deciding the reward for desired behavior is not worth it, using high value training treats rather than regular kitchen scraps usually brings a rottweiler round to your way of thinking and can be an excellent training aid.


Rottweilers have a double coat that thy shed year-round moderately while also seeing two seasonal spikes in their shedding when they blow their coat out. This may cause issues for some people who have allergies to dogs or have to keep a very clean apartment but there are ways to manage their shedding. Grooming your rottweiler with a suitable de-shedding brush two or three times a week for five to ten minutes as well as bathing your rottweiler once a week with a good Deshedding Dog Shampoo really can work wonders.


As we touched on earlier in the article, the media really have done a bad job with rottweilers as they can be a loving breed. Although they can display negative traits, this is usually down to irresponsible ownership, abuse, neglect, or lack of socialization and training that could likely cause the negative traits to occur in other dog breeds too. Provided that you are willing to put the work in, a rottweiler can be a loving and loyal companion while still keeping its protective and guarding instinct.

You have to keep in mind that rottweilers were initially bred to guard and protect livestock while also being strong enough to pull heavy carts easily though so their exceptional strength and protective nature may be an issue if you are not constant with training. Rottweilers make excellent guard dogs and we know a few people who have added a rottweiler to their family to be both a family dog and a guard dog with the breed being able to fit both roles easily.

If you are wanting a family dog then getting your rottweiler as a puppy is usually better as it can help make training easier and allow it to grow up with other members of your family. As we touched on earlier, you may need to purchase some high value training treats to go through proper training with your rottweiler as a regular dog treat may be ignored depending on the goal of the training session.

Doberman Pinscher Overview

Moving on to the doberman pinscher, males tend to grow to be around 28 inches tall with an upper weight of around 100 pounds with females growing to around 26 inches with a weight of around 77 pounds when fully grown. Although they are a slightly lighter dog breed, they still have a large amount of power and a surprising amount of strength considering how lean and slender their build is.


When it comes to doberman pinschers, we would always recommend that you offer them a high-quality, suitable dog food that is high in lean sources of protein to help promote healthy growth and allow for a healthy lifestyle. Again though, we would also recommend that you try to supplement the diet of a doberman with an oil suppliment to top up their intake of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. This will ensure that your pet doberman has a healthy skin and coat and prevent issues such as hot spots and excessive shedding from occurring due to a nutritional deficiency in their diet.

Depending on the activity level of your doberman, it may also require over 2000 calories per day but due to the smaller build and lower body mass, this is usually less common. You can usually go by the recommended service size on the side of your dog food of choice for your doberman and they will do well. That said though, if you do switch the brands of your dog food be sure to double check the recommended serving sizes on the packaging. Different dog foods have different calorie contents meaning you may have to adjust food servings depending on your dog food of choice.

Health Issues

The doberman also has a number of common health issues, especially in older dogs that include dilated cardiomyopathy, cervical vertebral instability, von Willebrand’s disease, and prostatic disease with hypothyroidism and hip dysplasia being less common in the doberman breed but still occurring in a sizable number of dogs. Due to this, we would always recommend that you try to keep your doberman in shape and prevent it from gaining too much weight as the additional body mass on the dog may make any issues with hip dysplasia worse.

When it comes to exercise, it is recommended that you take your doberman our for at least one walk that is around an hour long per day to help burn its high energy levels. Interactive dog toys and playtime at home should also be implemented into the protein of a doberman too as it can burn off a surprising amount of energy and prevent any destructive habits forming due to frustration.

The dobermanlife expectancy tops out at around thirteen years making it one of the dog breeds with a longer than average life span for a dog. Again, due to the long lifespan of a doberman, you really do have to think about adding one to your family and ensure that you are able to meet the requirements of the breed due to it being such a serious commitment.

Family Life

Doberman pinschers can make great family dogs provided that they have been trained and socialised correctly with it usually being recommended that you get your doberman as early as possible and ideally as a puppy to allow it to grow up with your family. Keep in mind though, some countries due use dobermans as working dogs for their police and military and their working lines go through selective breeding to keep aggression present in the dog. In Europe and North America, most breeders will warn you before hand if any pup that you are about to purchase is from a working line with the majority of doberman breeds opting for selective breeding of a good-natured temperament in the dog as it increases their potential buyers for their pups.

There are plenty of videos on YouTube that shows how well a doberman that has been trained and socialized correctly can interact with a family and children. With the doberman having originally been bred to be a guard or personal protection dog they can offer excellent protection for your family. Additionally, we have seen a number of women who enjoy running or jogging report that they opted for a doberman as it can easily keep their pace and run for miles with ease while offering the peace of mind that they can go out and run with the dog and it being enough to discourage any unwanted attention.


The doberman is another breed that often impresses people with their intelligence levels and they can often invent their own little games at your own expense but it is all fun and games. They are also known to be able to quickly solve interactive dog toys with ease, especially if they are motivated by treats. Unlike other popular breeds though, the intelligence of the doberman can actually work to your favor when it comes to training them due to a doberman likely seeing training as a fun and enjoyable game. To date, all official studies into intelligence levels and obedience command training rank the doberman in the top 10 of all breeds with some studies placing them as high as 5th with one study actually ranking the doberman first.


The doberman tends to be an easy dog to groom due to its short coat, that said though, it is a double-coated breed that will shed year-round potentially causing issues for anyone who does have allergies to dogs. That said though, you can usually use a suitable de-shedding brush as well as a good Deshedding Dog Shampoo to help minimize the shedding of your doberman to reduce the chance of any allergies flaring up due to them shedding their coat.


As we mentioned above, the doberman was initially bred to guard and protect making them outstanding guard dogs that love to work and protect. That said though, similar to similar dogs, the media have portrayed them as potentially vicious and violent but they can be an excellent, loving, caring dog with proper training. This allows the breed to be used as a guard dog or a family dog provided you will stay consistent with your training and socialize your Doberman as required especially if you get your doberman as a puppy.

Some studies do show that the efforts of breeders in North America may be paying off with American dobermans tending to be calmer and have a more even temperament than a doberman from a European breeder. That said though, the intelligence level of the breed can make training the dog and discouraging any unwanted behaviors much easier than some other popular breeds no matter where you source your doberman.

What Is The Difference Between Doberman And Rottweiler?

The two breeds have so many similarities that it is often hard for people to choose between them. The doberman is a smaller and lighter dog than the rottweiler while also being slightly more intelligent too. The rottweiler has much more power behind it than the doberman and actually enjoys pulling weight allowing you to add weight to your dog while out on walks to help burn off its energy quicker.

Both breeds are very similar when it comes to their temperament and role as a family dog that is one of the main things we specifically seeing people asking about. This usually leaves it down to the actual visual looks of the breeds that we purposefully left out of our comparison as covered back at the start of the article. Both breeds tend to be very easy to source with plenty of reputable, registered breeders being available to source your puppy from too.